Friday, August 17, 2012

A day away always a blessing. Sadly less than a week left with the Ladies this summer.

We were out and about early yesterday to the ortho we did go.  The check up was great and she only has a few more teeth to come in before all of her braces will be attached.  Once that is done it will be no more than 7 months of braces.  So a little more than a year or so, yay.  I get a little tired of the battle to get them to brush their teeth, why is it such a battle?  They have a cycle of great brushing to a low of not so much.  Once the ortho was over we stopped and bought light bulbs for Poppie, jello to make more jelly we have decided that we like the outcome of the jelly and it is considerable less expensive.  We are going to be making up some pectin of our own with the apple cores and peals too. We got a few frosting bags, we were disappointed to find that the kits for cake decorating did not include the books to do the techniques, the ones on line had I should have checked closer now I have to buy the books or maybe the videos.  Either way we will have them soon enough and spend time learning a new fun activity.  Maybe in time for our annual gingerbread tea party this winter, yay.  We went to Costco last, had lunch, okay odd choice but the Ladies like to stop there and it was their choice.  We bought Poppie some rolls, he does like his sweet snacks, and some chips, he couldn't decide which to eat when we got home so he ended up eating both.  Typical I don't know a bigger snacher and it never never shows on him, he has the metabolism of a hummingbird.  I digress.  The Ladies each spent their spending money on almonds,  they looked and looked for a treat and both settled on almonds as their treat of choice, I gotta be doing something right.  I told them they will need to put them in the freezer to keep them fresh so a learning tip as well.  I picked up strawberries for more jelly.  We took the long way home along the river and were home around 2 ish.  Poppie was glad of our return, we were to have made jelly when were returned home but were wiped out so they swam in their pool with the grands and Poppie and I relaxed.

The Ladies and I are going to bake pies, bread and a few foccacia's this morning for the farmer market.  This is the last one before the school year begins.  I am not sure how many more we will do. I think I will try to do a few but we will have firewood to get in so probably not all of them or even most of them.  We are hoping to get jellies made this morning as well, we got two more lugs of peaches that are just about perfectly ripe and won't last.  Poppie also said we are going to have more green beans than any one needs in a couple days, so the work will begin in earnest.  I am bidding on two pressure canners on eBay, I had tried on a different one but lost it to more than I wanted to spend.  I more than likely will not win both of these but do hope to win one of them.  I am bidding on All Americans, the 921's,  they will do, I think, 14 quarts at a time so I do hope to win one.  They are both vintage but not near as old as my little national.  I am thinking they are both from the 80's.  The Lord will provide and I will win the one or ones I am supposed to or not. 

The ladies go back to school on the 28th, I will so miss having them at home, not so much all of the kids but I do cherish my time with the Ladies and we are fast approaching a time when spending time with mom won't be a high priority in their lives, well not until they are older and hopefully that time will come again.  They are all ready to go, got all the wants they could think of to start the year out right.  They both got hair cuts/trims yesterday.  They were both happy with their do's and that is all that matters.  Life is good and God bless what else could we asked for..... tomorrow.

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