Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My girl is 10, where did the time go? She is truly one of the joys of my life.

My dearest Yogie turns the big 1oh today, two digits hard to imagine it has been that long since she came into our lives.  She came as a grandchild but soon became the daughter of our hearts and then the daughter our lives needed.  She is a joy and one of the hardest working little girls I know.  She is a self initiator and go getter.  She is a very kind and loving soul.  She is a kid and there fore carefree, forgets to do the chores she doesn't like and goes her own way, she is stubborn to the core of who she is and rarely gives in.  She once told me, when she was three, when we were bumping heads, seeing who could out stubborn the other, "Did I win"  in the moment I knew she wasn't only like me but she knew it.  She looks the most like me of all of my children and probably truth be told the most like me in the little things.  She will conquer the world, on her terms, and Lord doesn't that make me one proud momma.  She is truly one of the specialist parts of my life, well all of them are in just very different ways. 

Today her "big" sister Booboo and I are going to take her on a girl's day out.  We are going to do shopping, school clothes accessories, you know they are the most important part.  We are going to pick out birthday presents, it is their general consensus that they want cake decorating kits.  We have always made their birthdays a two for.  They both share the days and they get to do it twice, a month apart.  So today we get cake decorating kits, they want to learn to decorate cakes.  They both should do well a decorating, I am told it is just like milking a goat, same hand motions.  We are hoping to stop by Starbucks and say hi to Preacher and Pianists daughter, she is working there, transferred from Texas.  We will also pick up some goat feed items, and some rabbit food so it will be a well rounded day.  We will also do the grocery thing. Can't wait to spend a special day with just the two of them, no Poppie doesn't want to come he is happy to not be included in all the fro fro.

I think we will pick up a birthday cake in Zootown and bring it home to share with Mokie and family.  We actually did the river trip and the rodeo as part of Yogie's birthday wishes so she will have had a few days of special time dedicated to her big day.  I just asked Booboo if she wished her sister a happy birthday and she said "I am not waking her up it's her birthday she can sleep"   Now if I can just get them to be that considerate all day long... tomorrow.

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