Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Huckleberries, time away, fairtime and new life with growing pains.

The Ladies went to the free fair event with Mokie and family.  The pole bending was boring by all account's, as it took forever.  The cow wrestling and milking was fun, but Yogie and Booboo were disappointed that when they finally caught the cows to milk they stood like ladies, they thought the cows should have kicked the milkers as they weren't doing it right and not one bubble was made.  Oh, to milk a goat you have to make a bubble then squeeze.  My girls are experts don't you know.  Booboo has been stepping up and milking, sort of put Yogie out of sorts as she is the Queen of milking so she has a hard time sharing her special talent.  Booboo is doing better at milking but Yogie has hand picked the easiest ones.  They each took their own spending money, bought root beer, water and a cheeseburger.  They were proud to spend money they worked hard to earn.  We will be going to the rodeo tomorrow night but Poppie couldn't bring himself to set in the bleachers two nights.

 We took the opportunity to go huckleberry picking.  We stopped for burgers and were off to the Lord's woods.  We moved down about a mile from where we had been picking and we found a patch of the biggest huckleberries that I have ever picked.  There are more there than all of us could pick so more than happy to share if anyone wants to go.  I picked twice as much in half the time as I had the night before.  Poppie picked around the same amount but he was down a little and it took me awhile to convince him to come by me to pick.  He and Yogie have already left this morning to go pick more, he just can't stand that they would go to waste, this years bumper crop.  I read an old wives tale once that if the berry crop is bumper that a hard winter will follow, I hope not can't do the hard winters anymore, so don't relish hiding in the house under a blanket.  The new house is warm so won't happen but I won't be going outside in the cold that is for sure.  Let's just hope it is an old wives tales but isn't that how they become old wives tales, that they tend to come true???

We enjoyed our time away.  We picked in the quiet of just being in each others company in the cathedral of God.  I don't think that God made prettier stained glass anywhere than the sun on a ridge in the mountains of Montana.  We talked in a manner that only a life time together can understand, starting and finishing eachs sentences, knowing the conversation and not needing the incidentals that weren't said.  The slow easy pace of just being an old couple, still in love, and more so than the newness of youth would have once thought, or in our young stupidity would have understood.

I heard good news from my dear Twin.  She is home from the fire she was working on in the Bitterroot but only for a two day stop home before she is off to another one, Montana is on  fire don't you know.  She likes the firefighting, she is actually an emt.  She enjoys the excitement, the travel, the fulfillment of doing something worth while.  She also likes the money that helps her go to nursing school.  Her love of being an emt has called her back to school to become more in her field.  She excitingly enough got her third grandchild this week, born on her first grandchild's fourth birthday.  She sadly learned about it the same time I did, and on facebook.  She is a wonderful YaYa and will bring alot to her new granddaughter Ruth's life.  I like that she already has a special name for her new little one, I have special names for all of mine.  Ruth was her mothers name and if the new baby is half the lady she was she will be a special little girl.  I find it sad that the relationships we have with our grandchildren from our daughter are so different from the relationships we have with the grandchildren from our sons.  Believe me very different, and not just in my little family, as the relationship you have with your daughter is always different from the relationship you have with your daughter in law.  I know that Twin will figure out how to be the best Yaya she can be to the newest edition and that Ruth is blessed to have her in her life... tomorrow.

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