Monday, August 20, 2012

Alone, what will we do with ourselves all day? I do hate the politics of politics.

The Ladies are at the Grandparents for the next couple of days.  I hope they have a great time, I think Grandpa will actually be off today to spend time with them. I hope that Grandma doesn't spend all their time telling them of all the wondrous things that Only does.  They love Only but they don't like when all Grandma does it talk about her from morning to night and not enjoy their visit.  Grandpa being there should help, they will get to spend time with him in the greenhouse or yard. 

Poppie and I are going to have to figure out what to do with out them. The grands will probably give us no time to miss not having them. Poppie is going to try and finish his rabbit condos and I have jelly to make, didn't get it done yesterday we all went to river for a few hours. It was a nice outing, Grandpa was here when we got home. He had only been here a few minutes so not to bad a wait. Maybe I can help Poppie with the rabbits and the goat stalls later in the morning.

I rarely say political things on my facebook, sometimes I share a supportive status about my chosen politics but for the most part I try not to put up divisive rhetoric about the other side.  I occasionally fall short but not usually.  I do comment on some of the nasty ones that my friends put up occasionally but usually only the really untrue and completely outrageous ones.  I don't usually comment on all of them though as some of my friends are really left wing and those seem to be the worst of the batch, on those I try to turn the other check.  It is so ironic to me that the left wing people assume so much about you for being conservative,  Did I say I didn't litter my facebook with alot of  my political views?  Well this is not facebook you didn't get here by chance this is my blog and I can say what I want and if you are reading it you didn't just happen to see it on my status.  Run, this is your chance to leave, still here well I warned you. 

I am not a homophob,  no, I don't believe in marriage between people of the same sex.  I find it interesting that something that is so fundamental to the Christian beliefs, and was instituted by God would be something that non believers would want anyway, and if you are a believer you all ready no that it was meant for one man and one woman.  I do belief in civil unions,  but then I think that if you are not a Christian your marriage, if you are a man and a woman, is a civil union anyway.  A Christian marriage is very specific institution from God and should be ordained by God and he should have a daily part in it.  So do you still want one, probably not maybe the civil union is the best option for some anyway.

I don't belief in left wing politics and get sick of the liberal medias biased representation of conservatives, republican and tea partists.  I did read an interesting paper on the liberal media on the net the other day.  Did you know that something like 68 percent of the anchors on TV admit to being liberal, and only 9 percent admit to being conservatives?  Now tell me that the media is fair.  Oh, and if you think it is I have some ocean front property here at the house to sell come on over.  I find people that don't know what they believe spouting off views that are not independent, but think they are, irritating.  NO, you are not a tea partiest if you are middle of the road, that is called a moderate.  NO, if you only get your political views from CNN you are not independent and trying to see both sides.  NO if you send out a facebook status that "for fun" shows liberal as the good guys and the "tea party, terrorists and people of Islamic beliefs, all the same and the bad guys" you are not looking to find your political voice you already have one and it is hateful and nasty.  I really get irritated when people have no idea what a democrat believes, or what a republican believes in, but bad mouths them as being the spawn of evil.  If you don't know anything about politics walk away or become educated. It's called reading, wonderful invention you should try it and for those that can't or don't, TV is an alternative but you have to actually watch both sides, ever hear of FOX, if you are only watching the others you are not getting anything but the liberal rhetoric so don't bother.  The heritage foundation is an option if you are on the net, thanks Lady Hero for the wonderful additional alternative and heads up. 

designed as country under God and that the founding fathers did intend that God be a guiding influence to this country.  NO, they did not intent that any religion be involved in our government but since when does the belief in God and his values become  or denote religion involvement.  They are not one and the same and the founding fathers did not want religion in our government but they darn sure wanted God there,  just read their writings.  I also wonder when does separation of Church ( that would be religion) and state become our national parks, our schools, our public buildings and all the other places that the liberal left wants to stomp God out of...... Okay, really climbing down and off, for the day..... tomorrow.

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