Sunday, August 19, 2012

I lost a week, does that ever happen to you, oh for the days when it was only a day.

Okay, some how I have lost a week, well I haven't actually lost one I just some how, for no apparent reason, was under the misbelief that the Ladies went to school this week and that Labor day was next weekend.  How does one do that?  I remember the days when it was Tuesday and I thought it was Wednesday, never a good thing.  That just meant another day of work in a week, who wants eight days in a week, well this is a blessing.  I get a whole extra week with my girls.  Well, I get a whole extra week with the grands and the pseudos but a blessing is a blessing and I will take it either way. It does mean for sure another week at the farmer's market, not sure how many we will do after the school year begins, I think the Ladies are tired and want to just be. I may do a few, I may even make a few pies for my table but the Ladies won't be obligated to sell or bake. 

They will have enough work trying to get back into the routine of school.  They are going to start 4H this year, we have found that it will begin on the 10th of September.  That is the same day that Yogie has a ortho.  It will be a long day I am betting.  They will love it though so they are looking forward to the participation.  I think it will direct them into a life that they both have a prelove for.  They both take pride in our little farm; and when someone asks them if they have pets and are told of all our animals,  the enquirer says oh you have like a farm.  They smile with pride and say yes we do.  So 4h will be something for them to enjoy.  I think that it will be a blessing in there lives in ways some other activities might not be.  We will see how it will progress.

I still have one more lug to finish up today.  I think that we are going to be making some of it into jelly after Church.  We did find a jelly recipe that is a wonderful alternative to the ones we had made with pectin and jello.  We do like the jello ones and are glad we made them but from now on Poppie will eat jello and we won't steal it from him for our cooking experiments.  We found an old style recipe.  It requires candy making skills.  We measured out our sugar (15 cups) added it to 1 and a half cups of water in a big big pot.  We added a cup of lemon juice and stirred the sugar into a paste.  Add a candy thermometer.  NO, not to the sugar to the side of the pot, silly.  We, Yogie, cooked it stirring as needed until the thermometer read 244 degrees.  While we cooked the sugar mixture we had prepped 6 lbs of fruit, any or most any kind will do, we chose strawberries.  When the sugar mixture came to temperature we added the fruit.  We, Nannie, stirred it as it bubbled enough that Yogie might have gotten burned, it was a nice rolling bubble by the time it got back up to 220 degrees.  Temperature reached we had jelly, no pectin at all, yay.  Jelly made by actually reaching jelly state and temperature.  We put it into our sterile jars and sealed it up.  We tried out one jar for breakfast dinner, with hot homemade sourdough buns, yummy and a winner.  New recipe, tried and true,  we are writing it up in our family recipe books we are hand writing to have a recipe journal of our journeys in cooking.  Today we make, peach and then peach huckleberry.

Off to Church we go this morn.  We may have a new baby to see, one of the ladies at our Church had a baby on Yogie's birthday.  She was so proud to share her day with a special new baby.  The Lord has so blessed me this week, a whole extra one with the Ladies to enjoy this coming week, I love that that happened.  May you to praise the Lord in joy and heartfelt happiness... tomorrow.

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