Monday, August 13, 2012

Reading and the thoughts that it provokes, Ryan is Romney's choice. Maybe there is a chance for "hope and Change" yet.

I have been trying to read my 6 new books, all signed copies, of Lottie Beth Hobbs.  I find them all as wonderful as the first one, The Daughters of Eve, still love that my dear great aunt was on the cover.  I have no idea why she was on the cover, was she a friend?, one of a random group of ladies?, was she a member of the same Church? I do wonder, but I still digress.  I read "Lets Live" last night and found that it really called out to me in a very similar way that the Constitution and Amendments, and the Declaration of Independence had reread the night before. I like the rest of you have been really distressed with the way our country has been head for the whole of this new century, but most especially the last three and a half years.  When Obama first came on the scene some 5 years ago Lady had asked me what I thought of him.  I said I didn't know enough about him to make a real opinion but I thought he was naive.  Well I know enough about him now and I was the one that was naive.  I won't go in to the absolute failure the he is as most of you already know that without being told.  I do know that he was a really man of change and no hope, and that hope for the future is at an all time low.  I am really tired of the socialism that he has brought into our country on such a big scale.  I hate the loss of Christianity in our country, and no I am not for religion in our government but if you would read the Constitution you too would know beyond a doubt that the love of God, the one true God was a part of it and not just some " greater power"  that guided them and us.  The founders of this country were not afraid to acknowledge their faith and love of God.  They said it, they believed it and the they lived it.  They didn't pay millions of dollars to hide all of their past from the people.  I don't know about you but if somebody spends lots of money on hiding something they have something to hide.  That same person had no business whining about his opponent not releasing his taxes, which aren't a requirement of running, and why is it that the whiner is allowed to take all of his exemption and whine that Romney took all of his? and then whine that is what Romney is hiding something in his taxes? Smoke and mirrors to quote an up and coming new politician.  Well Mr. President lets us see what you are hiding, where is your transparency?  And yes, I did build my business as tiny and insignificant as it may be in your world.  I don't want a holiday tree, and I don't want a moment of silence, and I don't want God's name wiped off of my songs, our founding documents and my country.  I want a Christmas tree.  I want to be able to say a prayer to God with humbling pride.  I want the fact that the founding fathers were men of God and that he guided their hands to make this the great country it once was celebrated by those who would praise him  to have the right to do it.  I want you to go back to where ever it is you came from as none of us know, and I want you to go back to writing the same kind of papers that you are so ashamed of that you had to pay some one to hide them for you from the people.  I want you out of the white house while their is still a chance that our kids might be able to live in a free country that stands for something.

I truly have been praying for our country for a long time.  I am sadder and sadder ever day and more and more scared every day especially since the supreme court upheld the obamacare as a tax and constitutional, but they did say they were not saying whether it was right or wrong and that the people had the right to do something about it, so vote.  Why is it even legal then, isn't the house of Representatives the only ones that can put forth taxes laws?  I know that obamacare didn't start there.... ?  I see our country turning it's back more and more on God.  If you have ever read the old testament the Lord does punish his people for the same thing over and over again for doing so.  The United States in so many ways is the promised land for the gentiles.  He gave us this country, he gave us a place to practice our faith, he gave us freedom of religion.  He guided the founding fathers every step of the way.  We are now as a county turning our backs on God forgetting more and more daily that he is at the base of this country to it's foundation.  Why is it that history must repeat itself, if we haven't learned from it, you will repeat it.  I was so heartened to see the choice of Ryan from Romney.  I know that the republican base was only lukewarm about Romney, alot like we are as a country have become about our country and God.  But Romney as put forth a vp

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