Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Did age make me mellower, wiser, more patient or just old? Great getaway day.

Lady and I had a great get away day, we shopped and virtually bought nothing, I am sure 50 cent baby sand buckets, 79 cent children's flip flop and on sale tween bikini's don't count as actually getting anything in the grand scheme of true shoppers.  We had lots of fun looking. We took Mokie with us several years ago and spent two hours in the purse section, I am not sure we actually bought a purse then but Mokie will not, and I mean underline that, will not go shopping with us anymore.  Not that we invite her, what would be the point of getting away if she came??  But seriously had a great afternoon, lots of unwinding, renewing and sharing of our lives.  We did pick up some much needed items, Poppie's gum and Sweetie's breathe rights, the most important grocery items in more ways than one.  No smoking and no snoring are pluses.  The girls fruit for eating, and pie making, good things as well as much needed items,  they will be at the farmer's market this week with pies, and other baked goods.  All in all a wonderful getaway and so much fun.  We had wonderful Mexican food to end the day before we drove home with the top down on Ladies convertible, a nice just right evening for it.

Yogie manage to make dinner, she followed her recipe that I had explained to her before I left and was proud of her accomplishments, though Poppie secretly told me the sauce on the spaghetti need more tomatoes, ketchup or something red.  He had eaten it with praise for her, Booboo like it and Yogie said she like it but wasn't all that hunger, so with her, she either was only a little hunger, as she eats like a bird or she thought it needed more sauce.  Booboo asked if she could use some tomato paste next time, I said that could work or just more tomatoes but that they felt the need to add to the recipe is a success.  I think recipes are for the first time, you try it figure out how it is suppose to be made and then you tweek it as the mood moves you every time after that.  Okay, so maybe they need more experience before that will truly work but I would put their cooking skills up against any one their ages and probably half of the twenty somethings I know, life is so much different with each generation.  I can't imagine not having known how to cook when I got married and now I hear more and more young adults males and females saying they don't know how to boil water, really?  My son cooks, knows how to clean, not sure he does it, and can do numerous household arts, just don't tell anyone. 

I think the conclusion to the many conversations that Lady and I had, is that am I either getting wiser, milder, mellower, more patient, just care less, or maybe it is that so many things matter so much less and so many matter so much more.  Maybe I am just getting old? We had many good exchanges.  We both love and adore our grandkids, both have ones we see and ones we rarely get to see.  We both love the ones we don't see and cherish the time with the ones we get to share time with.  We both have so much less time for the stupidity of life, know that time is special so wasting time on the stupid is something we try not to do.  God brings people into our lives that the sharing of our time is something that we want to use the time currency we have on, there our others that time is too valuable to give any of it away on.  We both having been married 32 years, are blessed with wonderful men who love us beyond reason for who we are and not for some future possibility of who we might become.  They have loved us fat, on life changing diets, thin and the yo yoing between the two.  They misses us when we are gone for only an afternoon, we are their other halves and God so blessed us with their love.  I am not sure that the passionate youth can understand that shared time is truly better than red hot whatever, doesn't compare, and that the aged love of a couple is what it is really all about. A lifetime of the cycle of love, nothing else like it, no, really, just try it and you will understand how all encompassing it really is.  One of the things that time currency is all about, well maybe the most important, next to the time currency we should give to God. 

I find that I am more patient the older I get, I like to think I am wiser but I would guess that in the eyes of some I fail short of their opinion of wise, patient or ?  but I don't have any time currency to care what the "they" think of me so don't worry or spend any currency on them or their thoughts and ideas.  I do know that I am a loved wife, mother, grandnannie, and I have friends I so willing give time currency to spend time with and they give of theirs to be with me.  I am saddened to think that there are so many people that don't give of their time, and waste their time not loving, not being loved and not growing in a way that makes their relationship with God and the people that matter, matter, so sadly lost.  I do love that Lady gives me a much needed adult relationship that gets me away so that when I return I am rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the lovely littles

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