Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I have a plethra of deverse friends, I am blessed to have them but sometimes wonder why we are?

My mothers is one of those people that at any giving moment you don't know where you stand with.  She is a person that if you don't agree with her you are her enemy.  It wasn't as bad when I was a kid but as she has aged her has gotten worse on that front.  You can be having a conversation and say something that she doesn't like and in a heart beat you are on the enemy list.  You get used to it I suppose but having to learn how normal people live and that that is not normal took up some of my adulthood.  Did I mention that it is my belief that my mother is not a day older than when her momma died, 24, so since adulthood is reached by 25 by the accounts of those who know and study this type of thing, my mom is a perpetual non adult, you see why it took me awhile to obtain it myself.  Okay, I did obtain it myself and it wasn't her fault as it is never the fault of someone else what you do in your life.  I digress.  Anyway having learned to be patient, my dad has the patience of Job so there was hope for me from the beginning, I find it a great asset toward understanding others.  Patience was a life time accomplishment for me and on some respects I have it in spades and sometimes not so much.  Anyway...

I look across my facebook friends and find it funny the friends I have accumulated in my life.  I only friend or allow friends that I have known or people I do know and would want to share things about my life with on facebook.  I don't just allow any who ask.  I don't aspire to having countless people I don't know just so I can have the most friend or anything like that.  Most anyone who is on my relatively small friends list, a little over 200, are people I have known or interacted with threw out my life.  It is a very diverse array of people I must say.  I am known by most people as a conservative, most people who really know my on a personal level, but it is funny that people who know me in a more casual level would be surprised I am sure.  Who would really think that a Conservative would have done some of the things I have done or do in my life.  Those who think that some one who does that assume that I am a democrat and a liberal, don't all liberal do that, well they never asked and I didn't say.  Did you know that mostly democrats buy and sell on ETSY, news to me?  There are many other instances of this that I could name but won't, it is superficial anyway. 

I do wonder sometimes about how I can be good friend with some of my friends and read how different their ideas and values are.  I sometimes wonder how we can both be faced with the same problems in this country and see it so differently.  How ones of us see the deterioration of country as horrible and others see it as equality for all and progressive?  How ones sees women's right, gay rights and immigration as progressive ideas and fairness to all and others see it as a desperate flip flop to avoid the issues and say anything or do anything to get more votes.  Why do some see abortion as a right but whine about a litter of puppies that need homes, if they were fetuses it would be okay to murder them so why isn't euthanasia acceptable for them?  I could go on but won't even in my group of friends none are going to ever agree, that is what makes America great and always has.

 What my problem is now is that lying is more and more acceptable,  the media  no longer even tries to be fair and no one makes them or even tries to  make them.  I think that in a fair and equal country that the liberal purpose to want there would be more true fairness but the liberal extremest are making sure that it isn't.  They want what they want and if you don't agree with them, every time, you are the enemy ( believe me been there and done that) and they can make your point invalid or a lie all they need do is but the spin on it.   The spin machine called our modern media will jump at the chance.  I get really tired of people who eat, drink and live on the words of the liberal media, take a step back, check the facts and look at the other side.  In this day and age, you can look at both sides of every issue just get on you Internet and read, read and read, both sides, the answer is there but you have to actually look for them and not just accept the first opinion you hear or read.  Find out what the truth is, I know it takes a little longer to actually read the article, and not just repeat the spin, but you would find out what is really going on in this country, if you really cared.  It might make your friends think you are a nut or radical but I would bet you would look in the mirror with a whole lot more respect and pride.  If you believe in a cause do you even know that the details entail?  Do you even know what a moderate is?  An independent?  A Liberal or a Conservative?  Do you claim to be one and portrait another because you don't have a clue what it is you profess to be?  I might be alot

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