Monday, September 24, 2012

Yummy Key Lime Pie, avocados to become guacamole, such wondrous things to do, oh my.

I don't think I ever actually made a Key Lime Pie before, I think I had made the substitute one with the lemon out of the bottle but I have never actually had Key Limes before.  That was one of the wonderful items to come out of my Bountiful Basket.  I am a pretty brave vegetable eater, love my garden, try to try all the new ones I get opportunity to buy.  I don't always get to buy some as they are out of my price range generally if they are not the ordinary ones.  I don't usually get to participate in the things the come along that most middle class and upper economically people take for granted.  This made me unresponsive when I first heard about Bountiful Baskets, I thought it would be like the other fruit and veggie opportunities I hear about well out of my price range.  Lady poked me a number of times before I got on board with checking it out; from the beginning I was interested in helping others in the community get it here even if it was something I couldn't afford. I finally checked it out and it is something that I can participate in, I am an in between, I am not middle class or above, and I am not in the food stamp range.  We are in the range of budget, budget, budget, so I work actively at getting good sales and ordering my lugs on sale or getting them at the fair fruit and veggie seller, or using Poppies garden as effectively as I can.  If any one knows me and they start a conversation with "would you like some" I stop them right there if I can't I absolutely know someone who can so I take any and all offers.  That is why I am sold on the Bountiful Baskets, they are affordable for even me, and if they are affordable for me they are affordable for most anyone.  I do hope they eventually allow EBS people as well because their kids need good quality fruits and veggies too.  I have read that is something that may happen in the future, so that is good. 

I got to use my Key Limes, and experience a new fruit.  I am using my avocados and limes today to make a guacamole, I am not sure I have ever had these avocados before I only ever got to buy the Haas.  I am excited to try them, adventures in new fruits isn't that exciting.  I do like that this is something else to look forward to every month.  I am a collard connoisseur so using them up will be great.  Booboo can't get enough of the apples as she is an apple a day girl, don't you know. The yams will be baked and eaten as well, I am so blessed to have little girls that love, love, love veggies that most kids wouldn't even try. I am a bit proud of that as we have to work at getting veggies, funny how so many people put down the poor in our society because they don't eat right but then don't actually realize that the cost of vegetable is so much more than mac and cheese, hamburger helper or top ramein.  Poppie works hard at gardening so we have the opportunity to feed our kids veggies, and I don't mean the canned offerings at the store, those are the best poor people get to try but everyday some nutritiontist tells us how horrible they are, isn't that a disconnect?  I pick apples on the rail road right away, huckleberries in the woods, elderberries as well, choke cherries too, to get for my kids what the people who condemn the poor, who "eat wrong', take for granted.  Eating right is a privilege in many respects and so many people don't realize that they just condemn with out knowledge.  Exercise is free though, well if you don't do it at the gym, so the poor do need to have responsibility in their weight as well but not in the way the rich, who don't have a clue, understand. 

I am just happy that for once their is an opportunity for all, or most all, to participate in a really good program for their children and themselves. and can't wait to be a part of advancing this program if I can.... tomorrow.

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