Friday, September 28, 2012

Looking forward to the end of political commericals are you?

I read a facebook status from one of my friends the other day.  She was telling one and all that she had had her mindup from the beginning so no status forwards were going to make any difference to her vote so therefore she was hiding all political jargon on her facebook.  She had assured us we all had the right to freedom of speech but she was not listening.  I agree with her right, and thought she may have had a point but.....  Another of my friends had said the same thing in a different manner a week or so earlier.  She was not really concerned about the status of her vote either she had her mind made up as well but was tired of the mud.  I agreed with her rights as well.  It is funny to me that both of my friends are dyed in the wool embedded in their parties and no one was ever going to change their vote to begin with.  They are on the exact opposite sides of the voting spectrum as well.  They are both then well and truly encamped in the very decided voters camps, the ones no one, at this point, are trying to reach, their votes are a sure thing and they cancel each other out.  What I did find ironic is that their statements began to wear on me, not either as individual statements because I would imagine that most people, or most of the people that are politically aware all the time are tired of hearing the jargon because we have been connected to it for months, or maybe years, or maybe we just never aren't right on top of it in our lives.  What their statements did make me contemplate about is the undecided people, the people who don't plug in to politics but for a few minutes, or days or at most a few weeks every four years.  My friends who are both very caring and very much aware of the importance of the out come of this elections, more than most, and who want that out come to go their way, had made statements that was so counter productive to their wants for this election. If they had but looked past the personal pain of the on going inundation of views. Both of these dear friends care deeply about the path our country is on and where it will go in the future. Both of these friends want desperately for their party to win, and both will care much more than the undecideds when one of their agendas does not win and the others does on NOV 6th. 

I think that when you no longer care about the noise, or maybe it is when the noise has become more important than your beliefs and you give up the fight you lose to the other side in this.  Yes, the jargon is horrible, some of my facebook friends and my friends in real conversations go to far and use bad or mean wording to get their point across, or in trying to get their point across.  Some of them have no patients for the "idiotic" ideas that their friends, have and spout about.  They genuinely no longer want to hear any more political adds but don't they do a disservice to the ones that only are just starting to care by checking out on the subject?  Don't they have a duty to explain their point of view to the newly interested, don't they want to have a chance at talking in a peaceful and reasonable manner to some one who doesn't know what the politicians stand for?  Don't they have a duty to explain what at Liberal is to the unknowing, or what the conservatives want for our children?  Politics is and can be a storm in a teapot, it can be a hurricane coming down on the Innocent,  it can be the mean streets if you let it.  It can also be a place of understanding and a place to share your beliefs with someone who is just dipping their toe into a greater world than themselves and their immediate lives.  The way you react to people wanting to learn can destroy or uplift that person, who for the first time, wants to know what all the hullabaloo is all about.  Did you become the political expert you are in a vacuum?  Did no one have to teach you what the parties were about?  Are you just a blind sheep that followed your families politics and vote that way because you are supposed to and are trained up to do so?  Do you have a political view that is the product of knowledge and true belief in a platform, an ideology or way of life?  If you do, shouldn't you try to help those who don't find theirs?  Shouldn't you still be open to having a conversation with someone that might value your opinion and want to know why you vote the way you do?  So to those of you that no longer want to hear it because you know who you are voting for and don't care about the other sides point of view or care about helping others find their point of view. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you find the politic of facebook and the media to be, but I think you will deserve the outcome of the vote especially if you check out and don't try to enable others to find their voice in this democracy.... tomorrow.

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