Monday, September 17, 2012

Bug comes along, Old Green gets new shoes, a day of rest, naughty Poppie.

I got a great surprise yesterday.  Poppie picked up Bug when he went down to pick up slop for the pigs at Jackie's.  Bug came in the house and as he stood there he asked me if I noticed anything?  I said "no".  I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.  He had been coming by for the last few days helping Poppie fix Old Green.  He held out is Bible.  See I have my Bible, he had earned his Bible as a child for going to church for 6 months in a row, the kids had earned one.  Each received a very nice Bible with their names on the front.  Mokie had said recently the Grandma had Bug's Bible but there he stood with it in hand, and proud that he had it, no Grandma didn't have it he had always had it.  He was dressed in nice clothes and was there to join us and go to Church.  I told him I was proud of him and he came along with us.  He was welcomed with open arms, as all who come are, at the Church.  Church was a little special, it was breakfastfest so we were there a little early.  We were celebrating the birthdays of Sept, but we celebrated a special one our charter member turned 80, she did it with all the grace she daily shares with the rest of us.  She is a wondrous lady.  80 is just a number for her, she passes this milestone with out even stopping.  She is a go getter and a hard worker, works harder than most 20 year olds I know, well maybe more that most 40 years olds, 20 years olds haven't gotten it together to work as hard as she does.  She is a special person, loves her family, her church family and most of all loves the Lord, she is one of the humblest people I know and 100 won't have anything on her.  She makes me tired just watching her.  Happy Birthday to a special lovely lady, Mrs. M.  I hope Bug joins us again at Church the Lord has called and he has answered the call, now I hope he continues to hear the call and respond.

Poppie and Bug made a trade to get new to us tires for Old Green.  Poppie had an old homemade trailer with a 1965 ford box on it. One of his friends was looking for one for a truck he and his dad are restoring.  They made a trade the box for tires and rims.  Old green got new clogs to sport around.  Made her a pretty girl.  She will go out in style.  The "boys' thought the truck looked good too, more worried about the power the tires will give when pulling, but Bug did like the looks as well. Poppie was just glad the truck had good tires and would be able to haul wood.  His beloved truck will be down until we can get new injectors.  Sad that the damage went so far in to destroying her, and sad the maliciousness it would take to do that to someone else's property. I digress.  Today we celebrate Old Greens debut. 

Poppie has been working daily for four days to help get Old Green up and running, it has taken a toll, he had to take more pain meds yesterday to get up, he hates  to take them and really does limit his use and any additional ones.  I know that he is been very bad when he has to.  He told me he is going to get me a leash and when I notice him doing bad things I am to pull it and get him back on track.  I dropped the ball on this one and let him way over do it.  I shall endeavor to be a better care taker.  It is hard to stop him though when he is on a mission, Bug doesn't see that he is overdoing and Poppie is harder to stop when he is doing something with Bug.  We were going to go mushrooming in Idaho but Poppie was in to much pain so we cancelled and will try to do that in the future when Poppie has not been so naugthy.  See babysitting a man is much more working than babysitting a newly walking nine month old.... tomorrow.

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