Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lady and I go, Girls giggle all night, and Charolette goes to meet her beau.

This morning Lady and I are off to volunteer, we will see if our planned endeavor can go forward.  We will get a first hand look at the work it will take and a chance to understand the logistics of setting it up.  I think that it will be something we can get a handle on right away and have had so much interest it will be something to look forward to.  I will tell you all about it once the day is done as we will know the real scoop.  So off we go to Old Pulp Town.  I hope the smoke from all the fires doesn't do us in.  The fires here in western Montana have sure taken a toll on some communities.  Zootown and Old Pulp Town are pretty inundated. 

The girls had one of their friend over for the night.  It is nice that they both have special friends now, they haven't ever had them at the same time so they have had to learn to share and be a good friend to each others special friend.  I think that is a good personality character to cultivate.  We had gone out right after school to Belle's so the girls could have tea with Belle's Baby.  They had a nice little tea setup and the three little girls enjoyed their time together.  I had to take Bubbles with us, Cubbie was asleep on the floor when we left so she stayed with Poppie and then got to ride her "horse" when her dad got home.  She rode everywhere and was in her joy.  Belle and I had a nice visit.  We were there a couple of hours, it was longer than we planned and cut into her dinner making time, but we seldom get to visit with one an other so we were greedy.  Her son and his bride came in as we were going they are going to have a baby in the early months of the year.  Bubbles had a cookie and was happy to be out with Nannie.  We got to chat and catch up so had a great time.  We came home and the girls friend was here with her bike.  She had dinner with us and stayed the night.  They giggled well into the night and I finally had to tell they that they had been up late enough. 

We moved Charlotte, the young sow, over to Son's boar after I got home from Belle's. Son had called earlier in the day with someone wanting to buy a pig, I told them that he was one day to late as we were definitely keeping Charlotte.  Bug tried to pull her with a rope and I told him he had to redo it.  A pig needs to have the rope around the chest and then the neck.  He said he could only get it there, Mokie crawled in and Charlotte let her put the rope right around her, because Mokie sweet talked her. They managed to get her to lead, well as well as a scared pig will lead.  She was still scared from us taking the four out the day before.  They did manage to lead her over to Mokie's and put her in with the boar, Brut, she is in heat so will probably be coming home today or tomorrow.  Miss Chops will go next as she is coming in and should be ready to go as soon as Charlotte comes home.  Miss Chops doesn't need a rope, and as she is about 8 hundred pounds she pretty much gets to do what she wants, she follows the slop bucket over and comes home all on her own after her "date".  I hope the Charlotte gets easier to take to her dates. 

Well the most lovely man just brought me coffee so I better take advantage of the treat and spend a little quiet coffee time with him before our day hits full speed.... tomorrow.

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