Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun day away, spent the evening with Bubbles recipe hunting.

Lady and I were off to the Zoo on a day away.  We made arrangements to volunteer in a couple of weeks on a project that we are interested in starting in our area.  We have had lots of feed back on people wanting to participate so we are excited about our new adventure to come.  We shopped and shopped a little more, had a sandwich and sandwich and soup at a nice new place that I had never been.  Looked for little fun things for her grandson to have for when his dad is stationed away from home, he is in the Air Force.  Sometimes moms need little gifts that keep little guys minds busy.  We finished by picking up our extra virgin coconut oils and her bountiful basket and on towards home.  Poppie picked me up at her house and we got to see their wonderful garden.  Hubbie was as excited as Lady to show us their beautiful garden.  They gifted me, Poppie can eat them since his accident, with a giant cabbage, we ate part of it fried for dinner. The girls had had a great day at the farmer's market, sold out and sold a bunch of my soap.

We got home and Poppie had to help Son move building with his backhoe.  That took the rest of the night.  I got to have Bubbles to spend time with.  She loves her old Nannie but she had spent 10 hours with me the day before so would have liked to spend time with Momma.  She ate cookies, spaghetti, and watermelon while I did the last day of step one on our Virginia chunks.  I put all the canning away, I had picked up 2 more dozen jars in Zootown to do more.  I am actually going to count me jars to see how many I actually have.  I am sure it is approaching 400 to 500 but not sure.  I can atleast count most of them in rows as they are stacked in rows of the same number. Will be fun to see how many there are.  I am still going to make sauerkraut and this year I will can it as I will need my crock for meat. I think I am going to add spices to it when I can it.  Hot pepper flakes, juniper berries, dill and maybe so others.  Lady had a few ideas to add when I suggested it.  Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ don't you know, my dad always said that with such pride and humor.  I digress.  I finished the evening off with Bubbles sleeping in my lap looking for cabbage relish recipes so I can finish up the rest of the giant cabbage the Lady and Hubbie gave us. I think I like the Dixie ones that I have read will try one later this afternoon.  Sleeping babies truly are one of God greatest gifts don't you think?....... tomorrow.

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