Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffee with Tucky, pumpkin, hay, harvests and rain to come.

Lady, Tucky and I had plans to meet for coffee yesterday.  Unfortunately Lady didn't get to come due to unforeseen circumstances.  Tucky and I meant and had a great time.  Today is Tucky's birthday and tomorrow is mine so we were there to acknowledge each others turning a new year older.  I find it funny how as we age some embrace their age with joy and others hide from it.  I am an embracer, as is Tucky I think.  I earned all of my gray hair and each of the years I have spent on this earth so I celebrate my accomplishment with fervor.  Tucky gifted me with the nicest little pouch she had made that included all the animals in my life in the material she had chosen.  There is also the nicest dream catcher in the print, it pays homage to the love of native American culture that I have had for more than half of my life.  It was a lovely gift made with love and accepted with love.  I gifted her with one of my handmade journals.  I think she liked it and I hope she enjoys it.  We talked for about 3 hours and finally had to go home to our lives.  I stopped by the Library on the way home and gifted Lady with the banana squash I had gotten her for my dad.  I also picked up three smaller squash that a gentleman had gifted the library with.  Funny how so much of the abundance of the harvest gets gifted and regifted in a small community.  Gifting is alive and well here.

Poppie and Bug finished chopping and delivering the wood we got to Professor and Herbalist.  They used to get wood from a man who unexpectedly died this year so were at a loss to where to get some for the winter.  Poppie and Bug hooked them up, much to their son's relief, he didn't have a clue where to get any.  We have to go get hay this evening, we are going to borrow Thor's truck so that we can get all 4 ton on one trailer and not have to take two vehicles and two trailers.  Fuel is to expensive so we will combine the fuel with Son and Mokie and share the load.

 I was out with the goats yesterday getting a list of which to harvest and which not to.  We are going to harvest the turkeys as well.  The chicken's were to be harvested as well but while we were feeding the goats we found over a dozen eggs so they must have heard my threats to harvest them.  We really do need to harvest most of them as some of them have started eating eggs and it is all but impossible to stop them once they start.  I would really like reprieve 6 from harvest.  So we will see if we can pick 6 likely candidates but knowing me it will surely be the wrong 6. 

It is to rain on Saturday, we still have fire wood to harvest for the winter but Poppie is very sore from working so hard the last few days so we won't be going until Saturday.  If it is a nice soft rain we can still go, it is only a 40% chance.  If is it s hard rain we will just have to go next week.  We do still need more for us, Bug and Professor.

 I roasted pumpkin again yesterday, I have half of Poppie great pumpkin roasted and bagged.  I like to bag it in 2 cup measures as it is easier to unthaw for cakes, pies and pancakes.  I am going to make up some pumpkin butter, I hear it can be very good, so will have to get out to Flower Child's to get some spices.  She really does have a quality supply. My sauerkraut is coming along great.  I love the fall and all the harvesting.  The harvest is the most rewarding time of the year or process.  I often wonder about the Lord's harvest.  Does he look forward to it as we do?  It is so wonderful that the Lord allowed the good seed to grow with the bad and that he is going to take the time at harvest to separate the two.  To think the good could have been destroyed with the bad, but our wondrous Lord tell us that he will separate the chaff from the good at harvest and then burn it.  Won't his harvest be a glorious time to see, I do so look forward to the Lord's harvest more so than my own...... tomorrow.

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