Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids all will be going to school today, yay, I have lots of work to do....

The hill that we live one was so bad yesterday that almost all the kids on it did not attend school. There were a few brave souls who drove down the hill and had to walk back up but most just gave the kids an icy road day off of school.  The ones that went down either slid sideways, left stud tracks or like the garbage truck had to chain up and left chain marks all the way up and back down.  The kids all played and fought, I had a house full Mokie brought all hers, including Curious and Cartoons, and then mine.  The afternoon was nice out and they played in the yard.  Poppie and King, graveled the hill road,  Drama Queen walked down and helped them at the end,  it was good for her.  Her Dr is making her walk about 2 miles a day and she is getting much healthier.  King is walking with her sometimes, she has a treadmill and they are changing their diets.  All good things for their family.  Today is King's 52 birthday, he is a number of years older than Drama Queen, mine and Poppie age while she is 12 years younger than me and I am the youngest to turn 52 this year, 10 more months.

I have made Upluks all week, love their evolution and can't wait to see where they go in the end.  I have a numb finger from the knitting.  I am trying to make my hand hold the needle a little different to help get the feeling back in it.  I am hoping to make up some that are all sewn to make them easier to make but a little different.  The one set of Mules I made is very cute but I have to have the right thickness of wool, which is a rare kind so they will be oddities.  I am thinking I can use some of the real thick woven wool to do it, but since the only woven wool I have that thick is an old coat I have in my closet I am refraining from cutting it up.  I do have the will power, I think.....   I have new wool coming so that will give my mind new input and options.  I am hoping to list some today.  I did find that the ones I have made with the deer suede/hide on the bottom are not slick so I am going to do up more with that on the bottom.  I am hoping to get the Super Grip soon to try as well, decided that since I will be in Zootown on Friday will stop in at Lowes or Home depot instead of ordering, but may have to order anyway. 

Ham is doing better, she and Muriah are happy as little pigs in a poke, literally, not sure I would ever really get to see that but I did.  They are all rolled up in the hay and when you open the door they peak out and grunt at you for interrupting their world. They are doing well and may just have to stay in their own digs away from the other piglets.  The other piglets don't seem to miss them and are eating their way to pig heaven in more ways than one.  I know I am bad..

I hope to finish Booboo's Upluks today, finished Yogie's yesterday but she is waiting for her sister to have her pair to use hers.  They are the biggest pairs I have made.  The knitting is actually the same amount of stitches they are just in a bigger scale so that is nice for setting price, little or big they have the same amount of time, just a bit of difference in the materials.  I think that I will enjoy my morning alone.  I rarely want to be alone, and can't imagine that Mokie and the kids won't trudge over at some point but I am going to enjoy whatever time I have alone this morning, Upluks, handles, carving, cleaning, all options so I won't have anytime to do nothing, but then again I could do that tooooo... tomorrow.

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