Friday, January 6, 2012

Sex workers, lifes lessons, Cubbie has a nice sleep and God is greater than evil.

We arrived bright and early at the dentists office.  They sedated Cubbie strapped her down and she was in a good place, cooperating with the nice ladies.  They actually got to ex ray her and found she had a tooth that had been hit in the front and needs removed as well as a couple that need capped.  Much more work than they could do in the office and they didn't want to traumatize her by doing some work and then having to do it under general anesthesia later.  So they had to let her come out of the sedation over the next two hours.  Bubbie and I were in the waiting room watching "A bugs Life".  Several nice ladies had to look at Bubbie, all that see her can't believe how alert she is for a newborn.  It is more a norm in our family than something that is unusual, so it is always kind of funny when they comment about it.  All in all a nice visit at the dentist.  Cubbie kept falling over in the recovery room and she was say "I slipped" the dental tech would laugh and say "no, you more than slipped" Cubbie was very pleasant and giggly.  She later threw up on me at the grocery store, thank goodness I could backup and all she had in her was apple juice.  She was much better after throwing up and she was soon hunger so she had chicken, and a few donut holes.  She finally got back to herself just before we started home, so it was good we were on the way home.  We didn't actually get home until 1:30ish because of the wait but made good time anyway.

Booboo and I had an interest conversation on Wednesday night.  I was watching a crime show on the murders of the woman on long island in my room. Booboo came in and was sort of watching so I asked her if the show was bothering her.  She said "no and that she would like to watch it with me"  I was hesitant at first as it was a very grim, brutally honest accounting of the serial murders of woman in the long island area over the last 15 years.  I told her she could watch but if she had questions she should ask me about them and that if it was too scary we would stop watching.  She said "it wasn't too scary" so she stayed to watch with me.  I have said before that Booboo is very politically and socially aware so this didn't surprise me.  Yogie didn't want to watch on any level and left to watch tv with dad.  We were watching the program and she would ask about what dismembered meant or why the bad guy left bodies on the beach.  I answered as best I could as we went along.  She then ask me what "Sex workers" were.  I told her that alot of sex workers in New York, were girls that ran away from home and meant up with the wrong people or were young woman than didn't have anyway to take care of themselves so they eventually had to sell the last thing of value they had.  That when they sold their last thing of value that bad men were talking advantage of them.  She looked at me a minute and said, "I don't think that it is good that bad men take advantage of girls in new york and they shouldn't kill them either."  Ok, so I left out a bit but she is 8, and the answer was the truth and she didn't need or want to know about the sex, she just wanted to know why a bad man was killing young woman and I really didn't have that answer, Does anyone?  She is such an amazing little lady and such a sensible soul.  I can't imagine having the wisdom she has at such a young age.

The ladies went to Awana's last night, Yogie had been so scared to go.  One of her friends at school helped her be brave enough to go.  The evil breathed on her, touched her and spoke to her, she was scared but came to the decision that God was greater than the evil and that no one had the right to take God away from her.  I was so proud of her.  Her sister supported her and witnessed her struggle but was there for her in the end.  God is great and will help her overcome the evil that stalks her.  She told me "Mom, I think it is sad when adults are worse bully's than the kids"  I think maybe that said it all.  She too is a remarkable young lady.  I think she is stronger for facing her fears and the adult truly is lesser for having scared her on purpose.  God is going to have my little ones souls and they will dwell with the Lord though Satan's minion tries to intervene. God has a plan to protect us and I am happy to watch it reveal it's self to us... tomorrow.

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