Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cubbie has had enough of that baby I think. Mokie needs to spend at day with just her.

I had a mostly uneventful day yesterday had lots of time to work on my Mukluk Upluk, I have been trying to wrap my mind around how to make one style that is more in the tradition of a real Mukluks, the fur on the inside for function and warmth and not on the outside for style and fashion.  I worked most of the day off and on, some times in my mind and sometime on the machine that does not want to sew leather and fur, ok, so it is only a fabric machine and it did pretty good.  Poppie couldn't understand how I didn't actually break any needles.  I did find that one of my sprays, that I use as grip product, is much better than the other.  Amazingly enough it is not the one I had read about on the Internet but the one my son had suggested that was not suggested anywhere I had read about grip products, very cool, win win.  It is much more grippy than the other product, I am going to use it on all of the bigger than size three infant Upluks, I am also revamping the ones I had already made with cut out of hearts, stars, circles or ? on the bottoms.  I am hand appliqueing them on as a retro fit.  I am going to still make the ones with suede bottoms as the suede seems to be as gripping as anything I have come up with. 

I was knitting the final rows of an Upluk and talking to Mokie when Boy came screaming out of the bedroom.  Cubbie was following him and wailing.  There was blood streaming down Boy's face.  I took him to the bathroom to see where the blood was coming from.  He had a small deep slice on the rim of his brow on his left eye.  He said Cubbie threw Nannie's white antique bowl at him.  Cubbie had thrown a little ramekin at him, not sure why he thinks the ramekin is old, as it isn't.  Cubbie was wailing, but did not deny her part in the trauma.  She was more worried about getting in trouble and Boy's blood than any denial at the moment.  Her mom spanked her for being naughty while I cleaned him up and but Herbal balm on it to stop the bleeding.  Mokie took him to the ER to have it glued.  I was left with Cubbie.  She cried a little and then cuddled with Booboo.  I finished my last row on the Upluk, then called her to come set with me.  I talked to her about how naughty throwing thing were and that she was not allowed to throw things or hurt other people, if she had problems with some one she needed to ask for help but violence was never the answer.  She cuddled up with me until Boy and Mokie returned.  She told Boy she was sorry and gave him a kiss.  I talked with Mokie and told her maybe she needed to spend some special time with Cubbie as she was clearly acting out in revolt to her sisters arrival, who she love very much so is probably unaware of why she is acting out herself.  I told her to give Bubbie to Son and just have some girlie time, well time not sure Cubbie or Mokie do girlie time, but it was important for Cubbie to have some special time.  I think today I may see if Cubbie wants to come make cookies or do something with Nannie, maybe we can read, vacuum, or just set and talk...... tomorrow.

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