Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rain pouring down on our roof over night, I know we need winter but this is a blessing for Poppie.

I awoke to the pouring rain, it is such a blessing, we need the moisture I know, and we need more snow in the mountains, so I hope it is snowing up there.  I know that Poppie is having a better winter than when it is cold, he is in such pain when it is cold so I hope the cold stays away.  I keep hearing the it will come and hang on like it did last year but so far so good.  My Mishka was out doing her rounds in the night with Lady Jay, they usually go out about 3ish and make the rounds,  one of my neighbor has advised me a few days ago that they had seen a cougar in their area so we have been a little worried that it may wonder over our way.  So far we have not seen him, but then the dogs could be doing their jobs and that is why they bark at night.

I have been blessed this last year so many times that I can not count the times, the Lord always provides what we need in this life.  Blessing can come in many forms and we should never question the forms that a blessing can take.  The blessing can be as simple as clicking yes on a facebook request to be your friend.  This past year a friend of mine told me she was suggesting me as a friend for one of her friends and she gave me a heads up so I would accept.  The friend she gave me has been a true blessing in my life.  I get to see from afar the goodness she does in her life.  I get to see her interaction with her family and friends, share recipes and see her compassion.  She added me to her prayer list and taught be the importance of a prayer list and I hope to maintain one myself if only a little one, but it will grow.  God's blessing can be the sad or bad things that happen in our lives.  The blessing is that we overcome and go on.  It can be that a little girl grew and became aware that God was more important than her fear.  It can be a blessing of seeing that in the face of the loss of your family you can do better and you can reexamine your goals for you family, I have watch my son face this this year.  The blessing is that no matter what in the end family is the most important thing in our lives next to the Lord, and who is our family?  I again can not count the blessings I have been give this last year, truly I don't even know what some of them are, how blessed we are.  I think that in the end faith, Saving faith, may be that we are called to  believe and never question that the Lord directs our life and we only have to know that God is our Lord and he is in control... tomorrow.

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