Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new crazy goat lady, so much fun, the ladies are away at Grandpa's.

I advertised Princess on craigslist and a new crazy goat lady answered my add. I will wait to give her a name until I meet her, the name usually come to me as a first thought so haven't really got one about her yet.  I am always so excited to meet a new Crazy.  I can't say I have ever meant a goat person of the lady persuasion that wasn't a Crazy goat lady at heart, comes with the territory I suppose.  Really if you love goats you become obsessed and the crazy part just come naturally, you talk about them to every one, and they soon think of you as a crazy goat lady so it is just easier to accept your disease and go on.  I kind of associate it with a new grandparent with a photo album,  the first 50 pictures of their little loves are wonderful it is just the 500th that is a little over the top, so you avoid your friend when they have their album tucked up under their arm.  I am actually kind of glad the little screen on their cell phones are so small that with out my glass I can't see them, ok, now you know why I only wear my glasses part of the time, strategy.  I know that was bad, bad Nannie. I love my grandkids to death but ever see me with a photo album?

The ladies are at Grandpa's and should be home later this afternoon. It was good for them to get away.  They need time with the grandparents, as long as they are not over shadowed by Only.  It is good for them to have a relationship with her but she is nearly three and no longer a baby but Grandma doesn't see that,  I actually had to make it a rule that the girls couldn't carry her as she weigh two thirds of Yogies weight and it was to hard on Yogie to carry her for Grandma.  Grandma was put out and doesn't agree that the baby could be over half of Yogie's weight.  I may be crazy but at 54 pounds and 38 lbs I think the math I took makes that alot more than half.  I know Grandma loves them all but it is clearly Only that is her favorite. Only is more of a baby in Grandma's eyes than Bubbie, so it is obviously an issue.  Grandpa has gotten the unspoken message that they can go for a visit when he is there as he is much more fair with his love.  He tries and that is all the matters.

I am working on Upluks, made a couple variations closer to a woven upright but not quite there.  I am going to list some on ETSY later and put some photos on Facebook, Lady liked the order by was in agreement with me that the one pair may be big and duckie so will probably end up making a replacement pair but that will be fun as each new pair is better than the last, the good thing about a developing pattern or design.  I think that is what keeps me carving and not always continuing my new annual projects, I think the annual craft eventually hold no new challenge and I evolve past them.  I don't mind revisiting a past craft as an order or teaching someone else to make it but it no longer holds mystery to me and I go on.

I have coffee to drink, an Upluk that needs a mate and animals that will be asking to be feed soon... tomorrow.

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