Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cubbie has surgery today, Snow is finally making an appearance in our area.

This morning bright and early Mokie and Son will be taking Cubbie to Zootown for surgery on her teeth.  I know in my heart, as does Mokie, that these surgeries usually go well and all will be fine but the reality is that it is surgery and there is always a chance of something going wrong when you have to go under general anesthesia.  I pray that God's will is for a good out come and all goes well with our little Cubbie.  She is a special little soul, warts and all.  She adds a little bit of spice that I can not say I could live with out.  She is naughtiest little minx in one moment and has your heart in her hand in the next.  She is one of the most loving little people I know, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is open and loving with a spark of mischief hiding and waiting to jump out at any moment.  Lord, I pray that you keep Cubbie save and bring her through to her Momma and Daddy's arms with no complication and problems. In Jesus name amen. 

We are finally getting a bunch of snow falling on us, well not actually here, we have a little about 2 inches, but the mountains are to get up to 2 feet.  We really need it, as our snow pack it very low, from what I understand as low as 80 percent of normal.  The Arctic cold is supposed to move into our area as the day progresses.  Though there is a chance of freezing rain later and some toward the end of the week, the most dangerous of winter weather I think.  It is definitely the most dangerous in regards to our road and hill.  I hope no children are allowed out sliding on the road but then stupid is as stupid does.  It is really very dangerous and irresponsible for any parent to let kids slid on our road especial when there are much nicer places just off of the road to sled.  I think letting your children sled on the road just to say I can is criminal, especial if one of them gets hit by a car, sadly the driver has blind corners, three of them on our hill to navigate.  We are hearing that we could get 6 to 8 inches of snow throughout the day.  I pray Mokie and Son are safe on the roads.  Lord keep all safe in your arms, Cubbie, Mokie, Son and the kids who trust the parent that endangers them as they slid down the road.... tomorrow.

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