Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cubbie is home safe, Snow a foot deep in the yard. Winter is upon us finally.

Cubbie had a successful surgery, she is home now and Mokie has been told she will be following Yogie through the orthodontist process.  They are double cousins after all, both have always been very similar in build and look.  They both have small mouths, I also have a small mouth, as my wisdom teeth have never finished erupting.  A dentist told me once to never let anyone tell me I had a big mouth,  somehow none of my friends or family ever believed him.  Shorts facebooked me that a lot of women have the same problem, not sure if she was joking or not, but she is going to ask the Lord about it when she gets to her reward.  

We have had snow coming down all night, we have about a foot of snow on the ground.  The news is telling us a lot of the local school are running about two hours behind or are closed.  I can't ever remember in twenty four years of sending kids to school in this system of the school not being open for snow.  One year we did have no school due to the electric being out for two days but not because of school.  The roads in town were plowed once yesterday and then it seemed that they gave up, no more plowing and it was a mess in town, our road was much nicer.  The good neighbors sent Teenager over with their backhoe and he plowed the driveway, Drama Queen had plowed first thing yesterday morning, on the main road of our hill, she had to go all the way to the end of the county road as it had not been done.  It always looks so warm and fussy when we have the clean crisp snow of a first good snow.  We have a possibility of freezing rain I do hope it passes us, as it will make our hill a nightmare, nothing is worse than rain on our road once it has snowed, it is truly dangerous. 

The girls have Awana's I know they will be in the Lords arms while they are there,  he will guild them into the way he wants them to live their lives.  I pray for the people there to make sure they are safe, physically and mentally, and have the Lords blessing and directions in their hearts. I hope they get to continue going as the girls so love their participation in Awana's and God's will will be done in their lives.... tomorrow.

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