Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sun gave us a good showing yesterday so time out side, Princess is to come to Nannyland.

I really love the first Friday of the month, our school doesn't have school for the kids on that day so we get an extra day together.  We had lots of plans and we started out well, we did chores.  Each of the girls did their animals and helped me with the piglets.  They each carried a bucket of grain and I carried two.  We will do the same today, helps me get ahead on keep the 75 gallon bucket full. We were going to get our plan to spend the day cleaning and cooking going but Mokie and all the kids came across the garden as we finished the chores.  She had Cubbie, Boy, Cartoons and Curious in tow.  We let them play out in the yard for awhile enjoying the sunny day but eventually went in to the house. They were a handful and I think, as Mokie gets closure to her due date she likes the help, it just means that we had to put our plans on hold.  She went to town at one point and left all the kids with me.  She came home with great news, one of the local ladies who has animals like I do, who knows I am needing a peahen, offered me a deal.  Mokie said I had to go down and talk to her.

I went to town, I hadn't been out of the house in nearly a month, it was my first time in the Jeep.  It was actually very reminiscent of the our scout we had when I was a kid, actually the scout was a year newer, to funny.  The trip was nice we bought a few groceries and I got to talk to my friend.  She has a peahen she will try and catch as incentive for me to take a little buck goat she has.  She got him from a lady here in town that told her he and the other one she has were withers, one was but one was not.  Now the buck loves people but is very mean to her little wither.  She will give me a peahen if I take the buck.  I told her I would be glad to take him but that as he is a Nigerian and way to small for me to use to breed I will try and find him a new home.  She was ok with that just so the home I find for him doesn't want him to eat him.  I told her that wouldn't be a problem most people don't eat the little ones and rarely do people eat bucks.  She will let me know when she catches the peahen, hers are like ours normally partially wild and a leery of why we would want to catch them.  She figures it will take a few days.  The funnies part is that like the little wither I have, the fiber goat who we call Lovey, that I gave Cubbie, he has a girls name, it is Princess.  Little kids and the names they give their animals, who really cares if in people terms the names don't fit.  The little buck named Princess will come to Nannyland as soon as the peahen gets caught.

Today we plan to get those cookies made, maybe clean the carpets in the girls rooms and go look for the tree.  I hope I will be able to see it as somewhere yesterday my glasses got lost.  Yogie told me she saw one of the kids with them.  We have looked everywhere, I am so worried that I won't ever find them, Poppie assures me that we will, I hope they are in one piece when we do,  Little kids can be so hard on glasses... tomorrow.

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