Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa came and the girls were delighted, We celebrated the Lords birth and coming, with praises.

My little ones were up at 5 this morning assuring me that Santa had indeed come. We had opened a few presents last night when the kids and grandkids were over but it gets to overwhelming to do all the present so we each celebrate in the mornings with our own little families.  The girls were happy with all the gifts that they got, no complaining, it is nice that they are not greedy and expecting but appreciative with what ever they get, big or small. 

We made pies for dinner this evening, and they helped and jumped right in.  Booboo made sweet potato pie, scalped potatoes and Yogie made apple, french apple, chicken salad.  Poppies smoked turkey came out great, Daughter made ham, so a nice dinner will be had by all.

We feed our animal as they like to be feed everyday holiday or not.  The girls played with their new Kinect games and played tag in the yard with their cousins.  We are having a simple family day of praising the Lord, I wish all could enjoy the humble joy and I hope you have a great a time as we are having... Lord be praised, Jesus Christ came to earth and was born and died for each of us.  We only have to believe that he did it and that he did it for us. The grace of God blesses us each and every day, all you have to do is step forward and ask the Lord for the blessing of everlasting life..... it is free... tomorrow.

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