Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homecomings today, hopefully. God's blessings are ours.

Hopefully later today, Mokie and Son will bring home their new daughter to meet Boy and Cubbie. The kids are so excited. Cubbie slept all night with the girls, and is coming to terms with the knowledge, that she is a big girl and will need to start sleeping in her own bed. She is encouraged to be brave by the fact that she has stayed with Nannie and Poppie and been brave.  She will go in to her new circumstance with a happy heart.  We know there will be set backs but she is happily willing so that is half the battle.

Yogie went to Zootown to a birthday party with her friends yesterday.  She got to watch her friends in a basketball game.  Three of the girls in her room participate in the YMCA basketball program on weekends.  They then went bowling and had a pizza birthday party with cake to follow. She had a great time.  Booboo had one of her friends over to compensate she was upset that she didn't get to go with Yogie but I explained that as the grow each will be invited to different events and that though they would like to go they don't always get to.  She was pretty ok with it until her friend and her decided that her friend was to stay the night.  They had it all planned and then her friend wanted to go home, not because of Booboo but because she is young and got scared, she had done this before so I was not surprised but it devastated Booboo.  I told her that next time her friend would have a coming to visit time and a going home time and there would not be any of this.  She is too young to stay and the game would not go on again.  She can come to visit but until she is older she is not staying all night.  I finally got Booboo to stop crying and look on the good side of having her friend over.

Mokie called Cubbie last night just as she was going to sleep so she was up and ready to go for another hour plus.  Her puppy chewed the vacuum cord in half and Poppie was not happy with her or her puppy.  He will have to fix that later.  Mokie called Cubbie first thing this morning and she told her mom about her accomplishment of sleeping all night with the girls.  Boy talked to his mom, they still miss the baby they haven't seen more than Mom and Dad.  I think Mom misses them a great deal though.  They may get to come home later today if all is well but we will see and pray for a good outcome.

Today we are going to go get, Belle, the name Booboo has given her peahen.  Yogie gets to have the one from Going, she is going to bring it when she comes to have her tires changed and pick up her piglet.  I am not sure Yogie has a name for hers yet.  Princess the billy goat will come today as well.  He is a little Nigerian buck and I will have to start looking for him a good home.  He is very children friendly so should be easy to place in a new home.  I will probably list him on craiglist this week.  Today will be a day of homecomings such a blessing of good from God... tomorrow.

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