Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cubbie helps do chores, her naughty pup needs taken in hand. Mishka helps.

Cubbie helped me do the morning chores yesterday.  She tried to lead Mishka with some success but the puppy like following us at her own pace much better.  She is amazing she already learned her name with in an hour of me giving it to her. Mishka strayed a little but when called came right back to my feet and followed along as we fed the goats, chickens, turkeys, and piglets.  I had to climb over the two styles so when I climbed over she was upset that she couldn't come with me, she could see me but that was not good by her, she tried to figure out how to come along.  All good signs for her first foray in to the guardian job she is expected to fill.  Cubbie always comes over the the styles with me and has to carry the empty buckets back, she can't lift the full ones but tries her best to do what she is able to do.  I was watering the goat when I heard Cubbie screaming and crying.  Mishka and I went running around the barn to see what was going on and her puppy, Dorie, had her down dragging her across the ground. I yelled at the puppy and helped Cubbie up.  I started to water the turkeys and the puppy was at it again, I spanked her this time.  Mishka looked at me and didn't cower but looked at Dorie like she was being stupid and ill mannered.  Cubbie was ok but I did tell her momma on Dorie, her dad is going to have to teach her puppy some manners, they have been a little distracted with the new baby but now is the time to get a handle on her chewing on things especially Cubbie Bears.

Mokie want me to make candies for Christmas.  I usually make fudge as it is Poppie favorite, but that is usually all the candy I make.  Boy and I made a batch of fudge at Thankgiving Time for them and we have the stuff to make another for them.  Mokie wanted divinity, and I have never made it, my mom has always but it was never something I made.  We got out mom's recipe and Cubbie and I did our best.  Mokie had seen her aunt Baby Sister make it so had some advice on what she thought we should do.  We did our best and for a first try it turned out quite well.  The next batch, which Cubbie and I will be making today, I will quit beating it just a tad earlier and it should be perfect.  Bug wouldn't even try the first batch he said didn't think the first batch of anything would be that good, too funny.  Mokie and the kids took the candy home with them to share with Son. 

The girls and I will be making our traditionaly family sugar cookies later tonight, I will probably make them with Cubbie today and the girls will just decorate them but we will see.  I plan on making some peanut butter bon bon, that will be a first too, but we think we can do a good job anyway.  I have to make more fudge for Poppie so lots of candy making today.  I will make pies and cheesecake on friday afternoon.  Have to take Poppie to the Dr on Friday morning and finish my last minute shopping.  Coffee is here so time to start my day........... tomorrow.

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