Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick trip in to Zootown, groceries and CUBBIE, she is too old for her age.

Poppie spent the day working on his truck, his friends helped him,  they made a great deal of progress figured out some interesting things about why the truck is not running.  He is narrowing it down and should have it done soon.  He did drive it around town but when you go up hill it can't take the pressure and stops running.  But progress was made and that is a blessing.  Such a great blessing to have neighbors like Shinny and New Mamma, they graveled the road and then helped tow Poppie up the hill, I guess the good and the bad always balance out.

We left for the Zoo around 12, we dropped Boy off with Poppie so he could help with the fixing of the truck. I hear he was a trooper but eventually got scared when Thor turned on the diesel heater in the shop, it made a large scary rumbling, Boy ran for his life, Poppie teased him that it would get him and that only made him run faster.  Eventually all was well with him but he was ready to go home when it came time.  Nice bonding day for Boy and Poppie, not some much with the heater.

Cubbie was in rare form, she has gotten her voice in spades.  She was mouthy, opinionated, and said the most outrageous things.  You had to sheild your face so as not to let her know you were laughing at her antic.  She was so naughty and uncontrollable I had to resort to threats.  She found out Nannie was to take her to the dentist on Friday.  I told her is she didn't set nicely in the dentist office I would take her little bum home and she would not get to go see the "new baby sister".  She thinks Nannie means business so has assured me she will set nice and open her mouth.  I am very sure she will as I am not taking her to see the baby sister if she doesn't.  I am also just as sure if she doesn't her Momma would never speak to me again, or anyway not for a long time, if I didn't take her to the hospital to see the new baby sister.  I am very glad her smart little mouth and brain haven't figured that out yet, it will be next week before she does at the rate her little brain is advancing.  Poor Boy he doesn't have a chance she already runs circles around him and it isn't going to get any better having a second one for him to figure out how to deal with.  On the bright side, he may just have little women figured out by the time he has to start figuring out the big ones. 

Hoping to go get grain tomorrow, Poppie may go with Thor or maybe we will just borrow his truck and trailer.  Lots to do this week and so little time.  The "new baby sister" still doesn't have a name.  Cubbie said I could name her, Mokie said "no she can't",   I wished Cubbie got to be in charge on this one, I could think of a wonderful name and Cubbie would agree with me.  Isn't it funny how Grandmas and Grandchildren seem to agree more than Mothers and Daughters.... tomorrow.

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