Monday, December 26, 2011

Can you have a hangover if you don't drink? Today was a lazy day of doing not.

Poppie brought me coffee at 7 ish, we decided to be lazy today so slept in.  I had just finished making a little "upluk" I have decided that I like mukluks but want to make a version out of upcycled wool so I have made up a pattern, part sewn and part knitted, my fist proto type is about a 3 they will be listed as "upluks".  It has a few issues but worked them mostly out in the second one, they match per my daughters but they are different to me.  I think they may just be winners as far as making and listing on ETSY. I should have them from size 0 to as big as someone would want them.  Bug and Son. butchered a pig at Son's,  the kids and I did chores.  All the grandkids pitched in so it was a nice day.  Daughter brought the heart over from Son and Mokies for cooking later, we will cut the pig up, grind and package it later in the week. Poppie will smoke some of it after we do a dry brine. 

The kids spent the day with Poppie and I, they ran in and out, Mishka didn't know who to follow where.  Eldest and Boy are having a sleep over over there, the girls may all stay here, Cubbie may stay as well we will see how that turns out.  She is so much more brave after having spent days with us when Bubbie was born. 

I made up some extra large shorties for an order, I am selling shorties fairly regularly now and that is cool, have had several special orders. I think I am going to make up new listings for 6 sizes, preemie, new born, small, medium, large and extra large.  I got some new wool and wool yarn so that sort of makes them a new exciting project.

The kids have played Kinect, played in the yard, played dolls, watched "care bears' depends on what age they are as to what they did but all in all a great day with my family.... tomorrow.

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