Monday, December 5, 2011

Great weekend, Kids and Grandkids sled down the garden wall. Snow!

The grand kids were here on Saturday during the afternoon and all night. Their mom dropped them off  early in the afternoon so they played with the girls outside, It was nice and sunny on Saturday so they played on the slide, and in the grass in the backyard.  We had tacos for dinner then they had ice cream for dessert.  They played Kinect the rest of the evening until they began a fight which left out on the kids so all got to lay down and go to sleep.  They were actually all out in a short time, they were all wore out from the outside play.  The night brought a good layer of snow.  They all woke up excited for the day.  I made them waffles and then we all went out to do the chores.  I left them pulling each other on their sleds in the goat pen.  They then went to slide down the tire wall and "hill" by the garden. I knew the hill was a manure pile but they didn't seem to remember or mind.  It was frozen over so what difference did it really make.  They were picked up mid afternoon.  It was a nice visit for all the kids.  The grand kids have been coming regularly on Saturdays so it is a nice distraction and treat to have them. 

The road was slick from the snow.  The neighbor woman and her kids were sledding on the road,  We have never in 30 plus years allowed the kids to sled on the road.  Number one it makes the road too slick for the neighbors above us to get up the road and eventually some one drives off the road.  One year it was so slick the garbage truck slide off and took out 8 eight of the fence we had along the road.  Number two at the top and bottom of the hill there are blind corners and someone could come down and kill the kids.  It is truly not safe to sled on the hill and only someone who didn't care about their children's safety would sled there to begin with.  The cops were called and the one that answered the call is not sure who is liable if some one gets hurt and he suggested we contact to the county attorney or a lawyer as he thinks maybe the landowner would be.  The easement, which is why she is sliding on the road, allows them to use the road, not sure it allows endangering your self on private property at other people's liable.

Off to Zootown later to go shopping, groceries, and maybe a little Christmas shopping, though I will have to go again just before Christmas for a Dr appointment for Poppie, oh and the dentist and Bubbie's birth on Friday so will have other opportunities for last minute Christmas shopping. Poppie thinks he has figured out what is wrong with the truck, we have determined that we don't believe it is the injectors.  He will be working on it today but if it is what he thinks it is it is truly outrageous. Happy days, happy weekend, great morning and day to come....  tomorrow.

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