Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bubbie gets to stay with Nannie for the first time all day. Curious and Cartoons as well.

Yesterday while I was doing goat chores, the kids were playing in the yards.  They were told not to get by the dogs on the chains at Mokies.  The ladies were playing with them and Cartoons wouldn't stay away from the dogs.   They told him to stay way from the dogs several time but he didn't and walked in to the chain reach of Tank, the dog jumped up to greet him and scratched him on the face.  It was pretty deep so Mokie took him down to his mom and they glued it closed at the ER.  He won't quit playing with it and digging at it.  Over night they put starry strips on it but he dug it open again.  This morning his mom took him back down to the ER and they reglued it and bandaged it.  It is my task today to keep him from tearing it off again and digging at it. Plus they have put his meds in "bottle" sipping cup. He knows its there so doesn't want to drink it.

I will have Bubbie today for the first time all day.  Mokie has to take a whole crew to Zootown. Cubbie and Boy to the dentist at 11:50, she has to drop Bug off for an appointment at 12, then lunch and then take the Ladies to an othro appointment at 2 and then she has her Post having Bubbie appointment at 4, then back to pick Bug up at 4:30.  I will have Bubbie, it won't be quit as hard as it could be if she was still nursing,  Mokie couldn't take her completely off of the bottle because she might have to be back on her Chrons meds so the baby couldn't continue to nurse.  The baby finally got upset with the back and forth so is just mostly on the bottle now, but it was nice while it lasted for her.  She should be easy to watch as she mostly sleeps still.

I will have to wait until Poppie gets home from his friends to feed goats as I won't be able to leave the baby in the house with Curious and Cartoons.  He is helping his friend hang rabbit cages.  I think his friends is up to two dozen rabbits now.  I think he is actually breeding them to sell.  The girls want big meat rabbits so are looking to find three for them.  His rabbits are much smaller than what we are wanting but Poppie will have lots of experience making cages.   Off to start another day with little ones......tomorrow.

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