Friday, December 23, 2011

Poppie had to go to the ER, I also have to take him to the Dr in Zootown today.

Poppie fell earlier in the week while carrying a 4x4, he tripped over a railroad tie and fell on his rib cage.  He has hurt all week, it progressively got worse and then something seem to crack so we took him to the emergency room.  Mokie took him as I was in the middle of making my second batch of divinity, which turn our great.  They exrayed him and checked him out.  He does not have broken ribs but badly damaged ribs.  The muscles are bruised and are fighting his diaphragm when he breaths,  the crack was most likely muscles fighting each other then giving when his breathing finally got them to work.  They gave him a shot in his bum, some muscle relaxants to help him relax for he could breath better, they are worried that he might catch pneumonia.  He is now treating me like a pariah as I am just getting over my no voice and coughing, it didn't work into a full on cold but is still linger, so that is good. He felt good last night after the ER visit but is in a great deal of pain again this morning.  I have to take him to his regularly scheduled Dr. visit this morning so that will not be pleasant as it will make him in more pain.

The girls and I finished up their cookies last night. I cooked them in the afternoon, the girls each were responsible for decorating the ones for each of their classes.  They each did their best.  They are not perfect cookies, but both of my ladies are proud of the jobs they did and isn't that the whole point.  You can not teach a craft if you don't allow the trainee to do it at their pace and aptitude.  My girls are both wonderful cooks for their ages.  They know how to do things alot of adults can't and my never know.  I am just so proud of their development.  I am teaching them more than how to cook I am teaching them traditions and that is far more important.  Some Christmas are big events, some are quiet more reserved and this year is working out to be a more quiet smaller event but in hindsight I have often found they are the nicest ones to remember back too.

Coffee to drink, goats and animals to feed before I can go to the Zoo, some shopping to do, Poppie will surely sit in the car and be a grump when I get back to him, but you gotta do what you gotta do.... tomorrow.

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