Monday, December 5, 2011

God tells us to treat others as we would like to be treat, maybe not literally but the implication is there.

I am by all accounts, and for the most part, a very private person.  Blogging in this open manner, in such an open forum has been a real stretch for me and has been a bit of a learning and teaching experience.  I am sure that there are some of you that don't know me, and think I am nuts, in my meanderings and that's ok.  I am sure there are others of you thinking what is she thinking? or how did she get to there from here? I find blogging truly a soul cleansing journey.  I try to be true to myself and those around me, I try to give some ambiguity to those I know, that didn't ask to be in my blog, but due to there interactions with me they are apart of my life.  I won't say I have a relationship with all of them as there are clearly people I blog about that I have no relationship with, and don't want one, actually never did but since my momma taught be to be polite I have had to put up with some of the people I have come across. I, on the whole, try to live a pretty invisible life, I don't see the purpose in speaking out or objecting about things, if the outcome is not changeable or if the endeavor serves no purpose.  I think that being mean, to just be mean, is a thoughtless and a useless waste of time.  I think that complaining about some one just because they are going out of there way to treat you bad is like tattling. Eventually the person you tattle to gets so sick of you, then you become worse than the person treating you badly, the person whom you tattled on. I generally try to treat others with respect, and when confronted by an idiot, who sets their goals just to harass me, I try to take the high road and walk away. People will see that person for who they are in the end and given enough rope, most people hang themselves, especially in a small community. Being above the nastiness is always the path God would ask us to take, sometimes it is a hard thing to do but sometimes it is sort of like watching a slow motion train wreck, it can be such fun to see what happens especially when the person in the train wreck asks for everything they get and deserve it.

I do know that turning the other cheek is God's way for mankind, and as I get older, I find it easier and easier to see why God asks it of us. Sparring with an imbecile  makes you worse than they are, walking in light and going forward is so much easier.  I do so love the neighborhood I live in.  I have so many family members that I care deeply for here. I have good neighbors that I share with and enjoy in a manner like we are to in, Proverbs 27:10, (Do not forsake your friend and the friend of your father, and do not go to your brother's house when disaster strikes you--better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away.)  I have neighbors I don't know, and have no desire to know, and that is ok. God doesn't ask me to be a busy body running around making an ass of myself, he leaves that to  people who's goal in life is to be an ass, there are those who fill that need in any community or neighborhood.  I live in a good neighborhood, where all these niches are filled, like in any neighborhood anywhere.

I often find it funny that people who complain and harp about indiscretions are general the most guilty of the act they harp about.  They see in others the crime or fault that is most prevalent in themselves.  Maybe it is because they are so aware of their short coming, on a daily bases, that they see it in others sort of like a reflection in a mirror. I think when you see a publican standing on the street screaming theft, you should probably check his pockets.  When you see someone yelling fraud, they probably just cheated the widow down the street out of her life savings.  The child who called wolf in the very basic child's tale is someone we should take heed of and we should remember the moral of the story. Some one that makes way to much noise just to get attention, all the time, has issues and should be watched.  Sadly they will eventually scream for help and no one will come because we will all be to numbed by their past misbehavior.  Remember in the grand scope of life you get to choose your path and only God should have input into what you do with your time on earth, and maybe your loved ones but never people of no consequence in your life, their opinion matters not.... tomorrow.

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