Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our babies need us less everyday by God's intent, they don't struggle with it we do.

God gives us our children, we don't get to choice them they are all miracles from God no matter how they arrive upon our doorsteps, well not actually the doorstep but in our hearts. They are the most amazing gifts and anyone that has every held one should feel the presence of God in their touch.  I have no idea how those who don't believe miss him, one of life's great mysteries maybe or I don't know what can't imagine not believing in God so have to real knowledge of the lack of it.  I digress.  God made them as one of the most marvelous creations, I guess that is wrong, the most marvelous creation in his own image.  He also made them the most independent little learning machine.  They are on a journey, with great intent, from the moment they are born.  Their quest is independence and they have such a short time to obtain it.  Eighteen short years.  Some take a little longer and sadly some a little less but still a short beautiful time.  It is a time of love, learning, heartache, memories, sharing and eventually separation.  There can be more a gentle flow in some babies development all the way to adulthood, they never cause a moment of trouble or stir, they are old souls with a path that seems to show a deep down wisdom and calm that only God could give them, but they are probably the exception.  The majority are scrambling learn little machines that can't wait for the wondrous future to arrive you get to have a glimpse of them as they pass through their childhood.  They are on a mission and you will miss their passing if you blink.  I think their are many more paths, possible as many as there have every been babies but alot would hold true to these two generalities. The bottom line is we only get a moment to share with them, guide them, help them find the who they will be. Some lets us help a great deal along the way and some think we are in their way.  The end result is that they get to be adults, they get to make their own way in this world and in that finite time we get to help them. We make mistakes, forget things, and don't live up to our own expectations of what we should have given them mentally, physically and spiritually but we do the best we can.  We are human after all and no where near perfect at anything or on any level.  God made us that way for a reason, we can only guess at his reasoning so we truly do not know why are as we are. One morning that little bundle you held so dear on that first day of their life say "by mom and dad" and they are off on their adult adventure.  You feel their loss and your heart cries for them but you never realize until a long time later that they never were yours they just passed threw your arms on the way to getting "there". 

We get to watch them as adults, with pride, with sorrow, with love, with heartache, with suggestions and maybe some guidance but they are the people they are.  We can not take credit for them, and we can not take blame for their choices.  We can take pride in the contributions we made in their lives, but it is their successes and their failures, not ours.  They are God's creation, as are we, he is the most important thing in their lives (whether they know it or not), their true guidance and true way, we just got to borrow them on his terms for a short time.  He gave us the gift of babies because he loved us but he gave us the gift of adults because he loves mankind...... tomorrow.

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