Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas concert a great success and fun of the entire community.

The annual children's Christmas concert was last night.  It was a truly wonderful event for our little town. The town came out to share in the festivites.  Parents came in with their little ones in tow.  Moms taking charge of their child's coats, hats etc.  Dad talking with friends they hadn't seen for awhile.  All talking and getting reacquainted.  Most parents had come in there work clothes or the clothes they had spent the day in, some dragging a preschooler dressed up to match their older siblings all dressed up in Christmas clothes.  The little ones excited to be included in the big kids event, after all they got to come and share in the doings at "school", that unknown place, where their older brother or sister "gets" to go.  There was the inevitable person that was out of place, over dressed to the nines like she was going to the opera, running about making a spectacle of herself.  A histrionic personality that couldn't give it a rest for even one day, or for the kids. Later during the show it was her little girl rolling on the floor with her little dress above her waist as she stood on her head.  She then stood up and spit on her little hands and rubbed them down her dress as she rearrange herself. The child was actually cute but already acting in her mothers image.  The show went on, no one really paying attention to their antics, parents moving to and fro getting to just the right place, to see their bright and shinning star of the show.  Cameras clicking and poses being posed, some moms demand it but other little superstars were really just working their space. But soon all was quiet and we got into our places for the big event. And then it began, the music teacher took the stage...

The music teacher was new to the grade school this year.  He has been the music teacher for years at the high school and junior high levels, as well as being the band teacher, but due to funding cuts he has now taken on the grade school, with a smashing success I might add.  He did a marvelous job.  He started off the program with a cute poem, I don't know if it was Dr. Seuss or just Dr. Seuss inspired, but it put great shame on the parents that came to just see their child then make a retreat, leaving at an inappropriate time, as has been done alot in the past few years.  Maybe it was due to the fact that the concert two years ago dragged on for over two hours and alot of the program was recordings of hand picked children being highlighted while the actually children on stage stood there and were board awaiting there turn to preform as backup players, but I digress.  He started the show with the poem, that was well received, then the newly minted band players gave us their rendition of several songs.  They were wonderful considering some of them had been playing for a whole three plus months, the older more accomplished players in their ensemble 15 months. They took their bows,  then came the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade choir singers.  They sang well, smiled with pride at their parents looking on from the audience.  They sang out in the places they liked and knew the best.  The teacher had truly brought out their joy in the songs; and when they were done singing "we are all getting fatter for Christmas" they truly shouted that they wanted another Pie.  It was well done and fun.  Next came the little ones, the teacher assured us the even if they didn't know the words we would have fun and enjoy it, because they were just so darn cute!  He was truly a mystic seer as they were truly just so darn cute.  One of the little ones in the second row couldn't hold back her joy and danced along to every song.  She put her little heart out there and the audience couldn't control the mirth of seeing the shear joy she put on display.  They were all dressed in their finery and were as proud as the could be at their shared accomplishment.  During one of the songs they left the stage and put their little ornaments on the tree, in two well ordered stages I might add, how did he get them to do it in such an orderly manner I wonder?  I think maybe the answer is that he loves what he is doing and is a great asset to the school.  He may not have loved it more than the old teacher, but the results and love the kids gave him were clearly superior to his predecessor's, and all the kids got to participate equally they were all special not just the backup group.  They lite their tree with pride, well sort of, as the lights went down there was that little problem that some one forgot to actually plug in the tree. They had to bring up the lights to do that but then there was that spectacular lighting of that little Christmas tree, and no one in the room thought it was a holiday tree, it was a Christmas tree to one and all.  They took their bows and the evening was done.  All having had a wonderful time.  A blessing to be sure..... tomorrow.

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