Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scary phone call rules our evening. Poppie helps out.

We had a fairly uneventful day, I am getting a cold so by the end of the day my voice was almost gone.  I used spritz and drank water most of the day, Poppie checked on a truck with Bug and stopped to pick up a few groceries for dinner.  He and the girls were going to make french dips from the roast I had made.  He had just arrived home when the phone rang.  Yogie picked it up and was struggling with the phone, she gave the phone to her dad as she couldn't make out what the person was saying.  Poppie tried to figure out who was  on the phone but had no more luck than Yogie.  He handed me the phone and I with my squeaky voice asked who it was.  I could hear lots of crying and a garbled voice.  I couldn't really understand anything but help.  I did know immediately that it was my sister, Drama Queen. She was distressed, crying and needing help.  She was breathing erratically, crying and talking but I couldn't make out much but help.  I asked her if she was having a heart attack and she relied in the affirmative, I told here I would send Poppie immediately to help her and that I had to hang up to call 911.  Poppie went to his vehicle put in the hubs, jumped in a speeded his way up the hill to Drama Queens house.  I called 911 and told them how to get to her house. 

Poppie later told me that when he got there she was on the floor crying and scared.  He helped her get into a comfortable position.  She had just gotten home from a day of shopping in Zootown, She had felt bad so had left the family there and drove home alone, she had just gotten home and had barely made it into the house when she collapsed. Poppie called and left messages on Drama Queens oldest daughter, Princess's phone.  He called me to check on the ambulance, I told him it was on it's way.  The ambulance arrived one of the attendants had went to school with Drama Queen and was in with her, Poppie helped the other attendant get the gurney in the house.  Princess called back, Poppie told her he would stay with Drama Queen and go to the hospital until some one arrived to be with her.  Poppie called me to tell me he was going to the hospital.  I told him that was good as I couldn't she didn't need to get whatever it is I have.

I had called Sister when the ambulance was coming.  Drama Queen had just left her house about 10 minutes before to go home, she had stopped on the way home to drop off some shoes.  She said Drama Queen had not looked good to her when she left.  She said Drama Queen had been having some heart trouble and was waiting until after the first of the year to go get checked out as she would have insurance then. 

Poppie stayed at the hospital until Drama Queen's mother in law and sister in law arrived to be with her until her husband got there.  King called Poppie later to thank him for helping her.  Poppie told him he remembered being in the emergency room at the time of his accident and when he reached out his hand in pain she had taken his so he was just returning the favor.  King said that they would know more today, he said he guesses that there was no more waiting until they had insurance.  They have her stable to some extend but her blood pressure was extremely high. They would decide today if they were going to move her to Zootown.  Hopefully we will know more today until then we are praying and asking for your prayers..... tomorrow.


  1. you are a great writer and make reading very interesting. hope all turns out well.

  2. thank you so much, I am glad you enjoy my story. She is doing better this morning and was transfered to Zootown for a procedure if all goes well she could be home by this evening.


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