Monday, December 19, 2011

Bug turns 29, a year of great ups and downs, I hope the coming year brings peace and balance.

I said before that I have been sick, and I hate to whine, but still have no voice to speak of, in ways it may be a seasons blessing for my family. It has not really gone in to my lungs so that is good, just in my throat mostly, and probably my VCD and Gerd are anger so that makes it worse. Poppie finds me funny as I can't talk really at all. I digress. I tried to stay in bed all day and await an update on my sister. She has been moved to Zootown and has had a procedure, she should get to come home today if all stays going well.

I managed to lounge in bed and finish the first sock in Poppie's pair. I had Yogie make a chocolate cake as I knew that I couldn't stay abed all day, Bug and family would be coming in the afternoon, it was his 29 birthday. Daughter was also going to bring cupcakes for Eldest birthday which is later in the week. They came around 2ish and I made spaghetti. I had Daughter go to the store and pick up a can of pie cherry filling and cool whip. Poppie and Bug both are not big on sweets, Bug more so than Poppie. Poppie has a secret night calling for boxes of zingers, ding dong, cookies and other really bad boxed goodies, but normally like Bug rarely eats sweets. They both like my, in this case Yogie's, plain chocolate cake with pie cherry filling in the center after it has been slice into, with cool whip or whipped cream and sometimes, but not yesterday a light gnateaus spread over it. It is a once a year treat for them both so they expect it and pout a little when they don't get it. So mom, with Yogie's help managed to come through. We got him a bowling game for the Kinects so all the little ones and Bug played bowling. It is a lot more like the real thing than the Wii one or the bowling on the sports Kinect game. The kids had to adjust to the new one, Poppie was excited that you can choose your ball weight and the oil on the floor so I think it will be a hit in the future. They will be better bowlers when they play the real think and they are getting a lot of exercise just playing it.

Bug had a year of great ups and downs. May brought the completion of his adoption of his kids a true high for him. June brought trouble in their marriage, he had the kids most of the time with our help. July they decided to work on their marriage more. August he was accused of a horrible crime and was arrested, the charges were later dropped, without cause, but the shame and embarrassment has almost devastated him. He and Daughter are now living in two different places and CPS is working with them to help them get their lives straightened out. Their marriage at this point may not survive but they are and have always been best friends. They both love their kids and are trying to figure out the best things for them. Bug has been very low and sad of late. He seems to be more open than he has been in years to me and his dad. We are talking about our relationship and that is getting much better. I see his pain but know I can not fix it, that I can only support him and encourage him to go forward. Knowing he needs people, needs help and is asking for it is a step forward, so I pray he continues forward. I have talked to him about the importance of talking with the Lord. He tells me the Lord has always been apart of his life as I instilled that in him. He told me he loves me and missed our talks, I told him I love him and that I hadn't gone anywhere he had been away but was welcome back anytime. I think he has hit the bottom and on the uphill side but that doesn't make it any easier for him, the climb will be hard.... tomorrow.

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