Friday, December 2, 2011

Blog surfed yesterday, It was funny, enlightening and just a bit of What were they thinking.

I have said it before and I know it is repetitive but I have no idea why anyone reads my blog.  Mostly my blog is a daily journal that can be quite boring.  I have said my main focus was like my Grandmother Gladys dairies were, they were and mine are, a daily notation to my kids, grandkids and maybe a little bit of an on going talk with God on, what do I do next?, and what does he want me to do with my life.  I ask him all sorts of things, and work out my short comings on this earth.  I am happy, sad, sometimes anger and out there, but mostly I am brutally honest with me and those in my life.  I hope that my blog speaks to just one heart and that one person opens a Bible and hears God calling to their heart.  That is a lot of stuff to ask of one little blog, it is sort of like my brain and my house, a catch all of ideas, hopes and dreams, got to know me to appreciate that I suppose.

 I do look at the stats of my blog and it often perplexes me.  One of my original intents was to share recipes but the least read blogs I have written are the recipe ones, so not the reason people are reading it.  I find that the ones about my past are the second least read, so not many of you are reading to find out who I was or where I came from. There was one that did draw some attention but it was a truly heart wrenching one.  How do you readers know that and find the ones that were out there?  I don't really know, I am not that good at titling so you really don't know what the blog will bring before you read it.  I have a friend who no longer reads my blog due to the fact that I don't title well and she found my blogs good if they were about my kids, animals or past but found my contemplative ones mean and made her anxious.  She no longer reads any of my blogs and since she is a person who wants to be treated the way she treats others I no longer read hers.  I also think that the three blogs she writes, or wrote since I don't read them anymore, were boring and though she portrayed them as a peek into her life, and as I know her quite well, were not but more of a fantasy she wanted her life to be.  Which is perfectly ok and a great way to escape but made me crazy that people who don't know her thought she was being totally honest.  Truly a good read but not a non-fiction by any means.  I am really glad she took the pressure off and no longer reads mine and I don't have to read hers.  So much easier on the friendship. But her blog got me to thinking, is that how alot of people blog, how they want their lives to be not how it is? 

I spent an hour surfing blogs by hitting next blog.  Mostly they were about lovely little families, some were about recipes, some were about different Churches, some were about crafting, and some were so out there I couldn't get past the first paragraph. I found, in the end, mostly they are about people.  Blogs are a reflection of what our society is about in general.  I quite liked that I could peek into so many anonymous lives and not have to really participate in them.  I got to be a voyeur for a minute but with no quilt, I was ask to stop in, the blogger ask me to by just blogging.  I found that some were quiet people, with such pride and joy, some were outrageous and loud, some were just testing to see what they could get away with and still have people come back for a second look.  I guess in the end I answered my own question of why you would read my blog.  You are just like any of us, you are looking for a laugh, some tears, some distraction and want to see what I will be thinking next, but mostly you read just to feel a connection that cost you nothing.  You don't actually know me, or most of you don't, and you get to see a peek into an odd family, aren't we all odd?  You get to feel safe and know that I will be yakking up a story about nothing tomorrow, like clock work.  I guess I blog for the same reason you read, human contact that isn't dangerous, can be heart wrenching but have no responsibility to it, you can walk away and never look back and sometimes in this life that is such a soothing and comforting thing to have.  Thank you for reading and I hope you pop in again, I know I don't have anywhere to be so should still be here thinking up what to say to this white page everyday.... tomorrow.

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