Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sociopath personality disorder is the newest personality disorder I am studying, may be the answer to my questions.

Mokie took the kids to all their appointments, they had just left the house and I was settled in with my newest granddaughter when I got a call. Mokie was in tears her little pregnant cat, that never left the shop by more than a little ways, was lying dead a half mile down the road toward town.  She had been thrown from a vehicle.  The tracks of the vehicle showed where the driver had pulled off the road and threw her body on the ground.  Her head appeared to have been smashed by blunt force trauma.  My sister later saw the body and thought the cat appeared to have been strangled as well.  Mokie couldn't take the body she was already running late for the trip to Zootown.  She called Son and he was upset as well. He loves his cats.

This is the third cat that has been killed since mid August.  We have lost Fiona, Swiper and now Muck.  It is scary to think that something evil is stalking the animals and people in our neighborhood. I have stated before that I was looking to psychology for answers.  I thought at first passive aggressive was a possibility but then leaned more toward histrionic personality; but after the deaths of all the animals I am thinking a sociopath personality disorder is more likely the true nature of the person doing all the evil things that are involved. I don't know what other personality would resort to killing innocent animals.  Not all animals are innocent, truly there is no reprieve for a chicken killing animal but its death should be human when it comes, and it will, karma will win out in that arena.  The evil comes in when some one would kill a small pregnant cat that spent ninety percent of her time by the fire in the shop or in bed with her three year old friend.  The pathetic behavior it would take to bludgeon or strangle the tiny little animal is truly frighting and nothing short of evil. 

I will pray that God sees fit to urge this person, whom ever they are, to seek help for their sickness; but from all the studying I have done they can't or won't because they believe the lies they have created, the life they have invented and the manipulations they have perpetrated on others.  I do pray for the soul of this person as only God's Grace could help someone so lost to the evils of Satan.... tomorrow.

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