Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pickles to pickle, floors to cleaning, Coffee coffeeing and I think and contemplate what I have read......

I have been making Virginia Chunk Pickles for the last week plus, I missed one day of changing the alum and now I have missed one day of adding sugar so I am thankful that they are a forgiving pickles to make.  I have never actually got to make them out of small cucumbers but due to the kindness of friends I had access to lots of cucumbers this year, and Poppie didn't grow a one.  I had 60+ jars of dill in the pantry so I got to make Virginias with a whole case of pickling size cucumbers.  I am so excited with them but not so much the lifting of the 10 gallon crock to pour out the salt water, the 3 days of daily changing of the alum water and now I have to pour out and save the sugar/vinegar/spice water.  I at least got to pour the other water down the sink when I managed to pick up the crock that is 2/3 full of pickles and liquid.  Booboo and Yogie took turns helping me lift but yesterday I had no one and forgot so I am awaiting Poppies return to get the sugar mixture poured off and boiling so I can add more sugar to it.  I will repeat this tomorrow but tomorrow I get to can them and no more lifting the heavy crock, and I am no slouch at lifting; a 50lb feed sack or a huge block of wood are of no real consequence to me so you know the crock is heavy.  I can't imagine how my Grandmothers of past generations lifted 20 and 30 gallon crocks....?? 

I have floors to pick up, Poppie watched the littles while I went to CAKLS yesterday and he nor their mother made them pick up the toys before they left.  I always make them pick up the toys before they leave gives them a good habit and Nannie's doesn't have to pick up the toys.  Nannie spent some of the morning picking up toys.. huuuuh.  I had a great time at CAKLs yesterday, got to see most of my friends and Lady gave me a especially lovely card that made my heart cry, and she also gave me a lovely French press I have wanted one and was so surprised to get it but I truly loved the card the most.  I am awaiting my press to brew my coffee as I write, so my coffee is coffeeing.  I love it because I can get good coffee and Poppie who hates anything but the cheapest nasty stuff you can buy won't have to share any I get to have it all to myself.... is the greedy, I hope not, I think I will think of it more as a blessing from the Lord, and Lady, of course.  It's done, you just can't beat the first sip of a wonderful cup of coffee, or is it espresso??

I spent the last hour reading one of my De Haan books, I truly always enjoy them and they lead me to spend more time reading in my Bible, going to the horses mouth so to speak.  You should never take any writing that isn't from the Bible as gospel because it isn't.  The Bible is whole and complete unto itself but I do like the challenging ideas that different men of God writings give me.  It gives me a reason to study a portion of the Bible I may have missed in a new light.  I still trust in the Lord to lead me to the answer he would have me have.  This morning I finished Genesis and Evolution.  It was a writing on the obvious comparison but there was so much more than the obvious in the book.  It the later part of the book he speaks on Eve's sin.  I have always been taught that Eve's sin was disobedience  to the Lord and I never questioned it.  De Haan put forth that it was unbelief and that was an intriguing thought to me.  I read and studied, and read his reasoning as well and I think he is right.  But after I got finished and God had time to work on my thoughts, and is still working on them, I am sure he will all day or maybe even longer, I got to thinking about the unforgivable sin.  I am thinking maybe she was guilty of more that just unbelief?  Was she in the moment guilty of the unforgivable sin in God's sight?  Was the first sin the unforgivable sin of non-belief?  Is there a difference in non-belief and unbelief?  I think there is but I am human and try to look for the good in man and the Bible says there is no good in man with out the Lord.  I do so love that De Haan's books make me think, make me read the Word of God with more zeal, looking for the answers his books give me, new questions to seek out.

I pray for your day, I pray that the Lord will speak to you, such sorrow there is in me for the ones that the Lord never speaks to.  Without God speaking to you you never seek him and with out the Holy Spirit working in you you never will have the Gift of God's grace.  Oh, how sad to be a Christian that never knows Jesus Christ.  And sadder still, well I am not sure that is so, I don't think there is anything sadder than a Working Christian that never knows Christ Jesus, to think you have eternal life and don't is the most saddest thing there is.  Belief in Christ in the only door to heaven, works can not get you there.... are you a Working Christian?, or a Believing Christian? or are you just lost with out hope in Christ a all?...tomorrow.

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