Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cubbie, Bubbles and I stacked all the split wood this morning.

Cubbie , Bubbles and I spent about an hour stacking a cord of wood.  Poppie and I split it last night with the splitter.  Poppie planned on stacking it today but we thought we would surprise him.  It is always so rewarding to a see a small child want to work.  We tried to make sure that Bubble had little pieces that she was able to put into the wheeliebario, she did her best to keep up with us.  We filled the wheeliebario up and they pushed it up by the house to the wood stack.  Stacked the wood, both found places that were just right for their pieces of wood.  We would unload the wheeliebario and then Bubbles and Cubbie would get a ride back to the wood splitter.  Bubbles had brought a dolly from the house that she made sure was sitting just right in Poppie's wood splitting chair.  She is very good with her dolly's and makes sure they are cared for just right.  She recently stole one of Yogie's dollys.  Yogie was upset but I told her the Mokie would make sure she got it back, and that all the love she had put into the dolly would be shared with Bubbles, and in the end she would be the winner because when the doll came back she would have all the love Bubbles put in her with all the love she had put into her all rolled up into one special doll.  Yogie was happy that her dolly would be so full of love when she got her back.  Today Bubbles was giving love to one of Booboo's dolls.  Booboo loves her doll well enough but not in the carry it around and love her kind of way that Bubbles and Yogie do. Booboo is happy for her doll to get more filled up with special love. Cubbie can't wait for Poppie to come home she is on pens and needles for him to see how much wood we stacked and to see his surprise, or maybe it is just the special surprise of a little girl awaiting her Poppies love.  She did tell me that she knew how to stack wood cause her daddy showed her how and that she was going to show Bubbles how to stack wood so her daddy didn't have to..... aww the joy of Nannying...

The pressure switch is off so we don't have any water, Poppie is going to have to fix it or put in a new one.  Can't wait to have water, I have dishes and laundry to do.  Cubbie wants me to get a splinter out of her finger so I must go.  I have a busy afternoon, I have a lady to teach to knit, and may stop in at the library for books to work on and there is more splitting and stacking to do later.  This morning was such a blessing in reminded me of the many hours that Booboo, Yogie and I spent loading firewood and stacking the truck.  Sweetie said just the other day when we were helping him stack wood in his truck that they both could stack a tight load of wood.  I think that is a nice praise for my two Littles.

I hope you day is filled with the Lord's blessing nothing is more glorious than the blessings of the Lord.  I pray you receive them with the love that they come with and seek the salvation he offers as well..... tomorrow.

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