Friday, October 4, 2013

NO DMV for another 8 years, yay. Shopping and littles day away.

Yesterday was our monthly trek to Zootown for groceries.  We did pretty well hit some good sales, one for meat, another had cereal, nutella and other needed things.  We had a pretty early start and made good progress all day.  Home Resource was having a staff meeting and closed, so missed looking for a board I wanted.  Had lunch at the China Buffet and a kindly older gentleman that has been a staple there for as long as I have been going there gave the little a few pieces of candy.  It brought back such nice memories of then my Ladies were little, when they were 2 and 3 he had done the same thing.  He is a lovely old man that is always there about 11 on the nose.  He had had five children of his own and just loves to see the little ones and give them a treat.  It is blessing to share his joy at getting to see the little children.  We stopped at Goodwill and the Secret Seconds and picked up some good buys, one a plate that had one of my favorite sayings on it.  My house is clean enough to be health and dirty enough to be health, Mokie found it and thought it would be a nice early Bday gift for me, I will hang it in my kitchen I have my dad's in my pantry.  Secret Second still has the antique pressure canner I would love to add to my collection but alas I really can't justify the 65 dollars they want.  It is an odd looking one in beautiful shape,  the sale clerk says they get lookers but no serious buyer so maybe one of these day I will get a windfall and be able to buy it.  I stopped at MorganRoth and dropped of Yogie's clarinet.  I spoke to the repair man and he said it would be 200 dollars.  I was disappointed and said so it isn't worth fixing and he said, no on the contrary it's an 800 dollar clarinet so it is getting fixed and should be ready with in the month.  Yogie was excited.  I spent about an hour at the DMV in Zootown, I didn't have an appointment but even doing a drop in is more convenient than the whole process has become in our town.  I am the happy owner of a new DL and won't need to see the DMV for another 8 years.  Poppie was disappointed that I don't have to use my glass to drive with but he

I forgot to pickup bottle to bottle my jalapeno/habanero hot sauce so it is still in the quart.  My Virginia chunks are still brining. Garden is done and the goat have been given the space to browse, the piglets will get it next.  I think Lady has plums I need to go help pick, I see some Elder berries about I would like to get some for syrup and the goat/rabbit harvest is nearly here as the nights are getting cold enough to hang the goats.  I do so love harvest season.  Preacher is going to have the next potluck be a harvest potluck so he said fruits and veggies only?? I am wondering why harvest in his mind is only fruits and veggies, fall is the time of animal harvest as well, much to his disappointment I will be taking some form of meat dish or Poppie says he is not going "he doesn't eat that many veggies and would be hungry"... got to love a man that like to eat meat and potatoes, with gravy.  Preacher also doesn't like gravy unless it is red and enchilada 

I got to go Bubble is dragging something and that is never a good sound.  May the Lord bless your life, your day and you spirit.... tomorrow.  

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