Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, lots to do and lots of places to go.........

I do like Tuesdays but alas they are my busy day, again I am whining can you whine and love it anyway?  I have Bible study this morning with Belle, our first so excited.  We both don't get to have it for various reasons so we are having it together.  NO, kiddos today, that is good when they are here it makes Tuesdays so much harder.  I have CAKLs later, sock knitting to teach, and then there is Church on Tuesday nights as well.

Yesterday was a cool day, it was a day for God. I spent time studying for my answers and then both Niecy and Sister visited with at two different times during the day about their questions and the answers they sought and got from the Lord.  I think when all was said and done we all felt closer to God for having spent so much time talking to him, about him and listening to him and his answers.  I do think the most ironic thing in the end was that some one in my life still questions my salvation and I have decided that it is his issue not mine. I regret he is wasting way to much time worrying about something he would see if he took off his rose colored glasses and just looked at me, or maybe spent 10 minutes on my blog.  All of you know what is hiding right in front of his face.  I no longer care if he doesn't see it; God does and that is all that matters. 

I just ordered two boxes of tomatoes, I can't wait to get them I have plans to make spaghetti sauce and probably more plain canned tomatoes.  I do love to can and keep my lazy jars full and I have quite a few that have become lazy lately.  I have to fix the ladies costumes up for Halloween.  They are excited to enjoy the make believe that comes with the day.  Recently we have had the talk about the make believe they have enjoyed about Christmas.  We talked about how Santa was real in the sense that he embodied the spirit of giving, that God tells us to have, for little children it is a fun cartoon character that they can see and understand the spirit in a tangible way.  I don't believe the Santa is evil, unless made that way, he is an imaginary bit of a small child's magic of the season.  He does not take away from Christ and his day.  We have always had Santa on Christmas eve and gave the day of Christmas the respect it deserves, we honor and worship the Lord on that day.  I told them that the magic is not gone with their knowledge, of there being no Santa, it is just different and they can grow from knowing that the spirit is not make believe so they can grow in the knowing of where it really comes from.

I have lots to do and so little time to do it...... I hope you pray to the Lord and he chooses today to be the day to talk to you in a way you can hear him, maybe for the very first time.  How glorious that today could be your day of salvation or your first step toward it..... I pray it is.... tomorrow.    

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