Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yesterday was Tuesday, my busiest day of the week, usually, no change yesterday on that front.

Yogie and I were up early and out on the road to Zootown, on the way in the radio said there were delays on Reserve Street so we did Orange Street and managed to arrive 20 minutes before the music store opened to pick up her clarinet.  We were sitting there wait when a man walked by and walked into the open door of the store.  He waved and a short 5 minutes later he had the lights on, the curtains open and was asking us into the store.  The clarinet was done and awaiting our retrieval.  We were off to the orthodontist.  Yogie had done a stellar job on her brushing, which she had not been doing so they had removed her wires the last appointment and she was on probation to see whether they would reinstall her wires or take the braces off completely.  Her dad interceded, and helped with Nannie's stress of trying to get her to take the time to brush and take care of her teeth.  It worked, she is back on track and taking care of her teeth and the wires are back on.  It hurt some and they had to numb her, serves her right to have to have a little trauma with it, they haven't for the most part hurt at all.  I know it has been a long drawn out process for her, being as we had to wait 18 months for teeth to grow in so she has now been in her braces for over 4 years.  The end is so near she needs to buckle down and finish the process.  They should be off by Christmas,  the dentist said she would rather take them off and let the teeth be crooked than leave them on and let them get rotten from not enough brushing around the wires.  Lesson learned, by both Yogie and Poppie, he now checks her teeth and puts his support into enforcing the brushing, Nannie wasn't getting any help and it was such a fight I was beginning to give up on my own.  I think both Yogie and Poppie are now on the right path, a blessing to be sure.

We managed to get back to town by a little after noon, dropped Yogie off for the rest of the school day.  Poppie and I had lunch and then I went down to the Library to learn more about a volunteer program Lady has asked me to do.  I learned a little then managed to stay for all of CAKLS my little Birdie wasn't there to learn to knit socks so I talked with the ladies.  Strawberry, one of my lady friends at CAKLS has red hair she has actually been a friend of mine for years but I haven't included her in my blog before so I would normally just call her Red but my brother is already Red so since her hair is strawberry red she will be Strawberry henceforth. I digress.   We had a nice talk then she had to go so I talked with a new lady to our group, she is new to the community and is a new immigrant from England so I will call  her English.  We had a good chat and shared ideas and made some plans for me to take her out to Flower Childs business one day.  Irish and Grand Dame had a nice conversation together as well.  No one to teach to knit socks to though, so maybe next time.  I soon went home so Poppie could go pick up the kids, he so loves it I don't take his treat of being out away. 

Booboo was sick so I went home to check on her and let Poppie escape.  She was a little better but still is home today.  I managed to totally forget to call her piano teacher and tell her Booboo wouldn't be there.  She emailed me worried about her, I didn't realize she didn't have any of my numbers, so she does now.  I made dinner and managed to make it to church, almost late as I forgot pickles and burger sauce for the Preacher so had to go back home part of the way to town.  It was a nice service. Preacher gave a simple lesson from Thessalonians.  There were prayer requests and praises, a baptism scheduled for Sunday in the river, brrrr, and one of the ladies had a share about being excited in her preparation for her first taking of the Lord's Supper on Sunday.  I was happy for her and felt the love and sharing that you can only really get from a small intimate Church group assembling together.  I do thank the Lord for that blessing.

I pray that your day is filled with the knowledge of God, his love and his grace.  I pray you are seeking your salvation or are on the path to salvation and know it is a free gift.  I pray that God is speaking to your soul and sending the Word to soften you heart and know that you need the Grace of God and the salvation it brings... tomorrow.

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