Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I hate when I get hacked, grapes a gift I have to take care up, syrup to make another gift.........busy day.

I do love spending time with my friends.  I think it is interested to note all of my many friends.  The majority of my friends have never been to my house, is that odd?  I don't really know.  I have spent a life time moving, well not so much in the last 33 plus years but it seems that even in my state of staying put I am ever moving and going nowhere.  I have had a few closest friends in my life and they have all been to my house, well at least one of my houses.  I am not a person with a lot of people in my small innerest circle.  I have a lot of family and maybe they have filled up my life so much that I never had the need, or maybe the room for many others in the circle, I don't really know?  Or maybe I am just hard to get to know?  or maybe only God knows?  I do have a secondary layer of friends that are in my second circle and I love each and everyone of those, they for the most part have never been to my house, they don't want to come really and they don't really have a need for me to come to their house, I see them in different pieces of my life.  They see me in the focus of really why we get together in the first place but we have become close friend through our mutual passions.  All of them love me and accept me in the light in which they know me, and have no knowledge of my other life or mine of theirs we feel no need to share those aspect of our selves.  Isn't that a blessing, maybe our friendships are a bit anonymous and maybe because they are we can share things we may not share if we were in a more intricate part of each others lives?  I don't really know and I am not sure that that is important, but I do know that I am bless with lots of friends that some people would not necessarily even consider that we even have a friendship.  I also have an other circle of friend very similar to my second layer that are my close friend because of the time I have spent with them on social media, now isn't that funny, I couldn't have even said that 10 years ago.  I do have friends some of whom I have known since my childhood but I wouldn't have spoken to them again in my life if I hadn't connected on Facebook with them.  I also have friends of friend that I have become close to on Facebook, in real life I would not have even gotten to meet them or at least have gotten to know them had I not had social media, isn't that a blessing as well.  I am so blessed with each and every one that I call friend or that calls me friend, you do know there is a difference don't you?  God give us people throughout our life that we never know how much we meant to them or that they consider us friend and we didn't even know it.  I have friends that don't know what they mean to me as well, they truly never thought of me a second after I meant them in passing and they still speak to my heart in friendship.  How odd that God would make it so? 

I got off track and digressed into another thought but alas I can not meandering in my friendships today.  I spent the morning on the phone cleaning up a hacking, makes me think I have other phone calls to make and fix, sigh**.  I was gifted elderberry juice from Red, last week, and it cannot wait any longer for me to make it into syrup.  I was gifted with Chablis grapes from Belle, that I have to make into juice, and the upside is that if I miss up and they don't seal properly in 6 weeks to 6 months I will have great wine, but for today I just have to get them in the jars.  I have costumes to tailor and household chores that need my attention.  Poppie may harvest on Friday, Yogie is excited she will be home to make the shots, so I have to prep for that.  We no longer have the rabbits, the last two got a reprieve, Mokie and her littles took them home as pets.  Yay!

I pray that today sees you safe in the arms of Christ.  I pray you have found your salvation and you are in the body of Christ awaiting the everlasting knowing, really knowing, you are saved and going to glory when you pass.  There is no greater feeling, it makes life so much brighter even in the darkest hours that you may have..... God bless you. ....... tomorrow.  

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