Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apples, Pears, fires and faith.

I spent my birthday doing a lot of apple and pear picking.  I first went with Mokie and the kids. We managed to pick 4 boxes in a couple hours.  We dropped off two boxes with Belle and made arrangements to meet her back there after Poppie picked up the Ladies from school.  We got there and picked another three boxes.   We brought one boxes home and two went to with Belle and kids.  They are doing a juicing life style at their house so need the fresh fruit more than we do.  I really don't have a place to store a lot of fruit so one of my boxes, the Mac's, will have to be made into apple butter or sauce.  We are going to go back on Monday, husbands in tow, to finish the last of the two final trees.  I will have the littles, or at least a couple of them, Belle will have her two littles as well, the Ladies will be in school. 

Mokie saw a rummage sale on the way to picking apples so she stopped to take a peak, I stayed in the car, I hadn't even brought my purse.  She bought a couple of things and said, "hey, you know that cupboard you liked at Human Resources but didn't buy, they have something like it there." I decided in the end to go look and there in all it's glory was a beaten up Hoosier bottom that was only one inch different than what we need.  It was thirty dollars, I borrowed the money from Mokie and bought it on sight.  It is an almost identical match to my bakers cupboard I use in my soap cupboard.  It was just awaiting us.  I had tried to talk Poppie all summer into building my Hoosier but something always kept him from doing it, the bakers cupboard we were being forced to use, as the bottom, was just not right and we had known it all along.  God surely wanted me to await his good time because the one I got, on my b-day of all days was perfect.  it is in rough shape but a joy to me never the less.  I can't wait until Poppie gets my Hoosier done.  He is excited about it, and we are looking for the exact right hardware to repair the missing ones on line.  He is as excited about it as I am now, the Lord does give to those who patiently await his time, I am glad Poppies is so patient, because I sometime lack the true patience God would like me to have. 

I ate my cheese cake on my birthday, well not all of it, it was very nice, I think in the end it is mocha and not just chocolate.  It was a very nice gift from Tucky,  I do have something for her but have not gotten to give it to her as yet. 

I  find that as I age I think more and more about faith.  I do like that I have decided that my life verse is all about faith, in it own odd way, but in the end it is really the all of faith isn't it.  The Preacher had a nice sermon about different types of faith today, doesn't the Lord always know exactly what we need on a Sunday??  I have much more to contemplate, childlike faith, seeking faith, mature faith, growing faith, carnal faith, spiritual faith and on and on faiths go.  Maybe in the end there is a faith unique to all of us, personal faith maybe?  I just know that the more I think of putting my problems in God hands as a first resort and not as the last resort my faith blossoms and blossoms, and my life hold more and more joy, and joy only really  comes from God.  I hope the you have faith and joy in your life because with out it there can truly never be true joy, and so much loneliness.  I could not bear to think of anyone really as lonely as lack of faith must be, what true sadness that is and must me....  tomorrow.

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