Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jesus, bleeped how horrible, and we wonder why our country is in such a place.... Duck Dynasty and Phil, please stand your ground..

I was reading on Facebook last night where the network it's on is going to bleep out the name Jesus when ever the God fearing family on Duck Dynasty use the Lord Jesus's name.  I think that is about as absolutely horrible as they can stoop.  I mean look at TV in general.  In the 50's you couldn't have two married people have a double bed in their room on TV, didn't you ever wonder why I love Lucy had twin beds?  You couldn't say pregnant on TV either.  Well then came the 60's and laugh in, do you remember some of what they did?  The 70's brought in SNL and the things they did were outrageous.  The 80's brought us MTV and all of the copycats of it.  The 90 brought more and more sex, drugs and filth, but it also introduced us to the PC police.  Today for shame you can say devil, Satan, Allah, son of a bitch, dam and any other manner of things, except for a few truly vile words, and the wonderful people of TVland think Jesus is one of them worthy of bleeping.  What has our world come to, well the devil surely knows and is doing a happy dance.  He can be spoken of but Jesus, our one and only hope of salvation, is a banned word.  Satan has surely been at work in this one and we have let it happen.  I can't, and don't, watch network TV as I don't want my children seeing adultery in Technicolor, or Gay love on the small screen, I don't wan them seeing hetero love that should be keep in private on the small screen either.  I don't want them seeing people shoot up, get high and booze them selves to death either, murder and rape are the norm.  When did entertainment become the most vile scrapping's of our society?   I remember when Red Skelton chose to bid adieu to TV, oh he didn't stop doing his act on stage he just was against bring crap into peoples homes.  He was a man ahead of his time or maybe an extinct gentleman.  I hear the Phil, the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty, a true man of God, will have something to say about all the bleeping; lets hope so, the big reason I watched was to see a real family of God showing they could be entertaining with out filth and disgusting actions.  They are honest God loving people and it would do our world a great deal of service to see that kind of home in action but then the devil will have his say and the Dynasty will probably leave TV land to him.... because I can't see them allowing much bleeping of the Lord Jesus.....

The Lord Jesus bless your day, he has mine, he let me worship with out censorship and that is still a right here in the United States, if we don't get off our butts and stop the destruction of our rights, we the silent majority may soon not have the rights we cherish, especially freedom of religion.  May the Lord help us to be able to continue to praise and worship him... tomorrow.     

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