Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yesterdays hacking lead to an 8 and half hour vigil in the control panel of my computer..... exhausted, and Bubble is tired of Nannie on the computer.

I said I got hacked yesterday but it took me all of today to get rid of the malware, Trojans and who knows what on my computer.  I am much the wiser for all the lessons I had to learn today and learned to manually uninstall more than 20 programs from my computer.  The most ironic part was that the last thing I got to leave was a great big ugly add that kept coming up in the middle of my blog.  That is how I finally knew I had gotten rid of, or maybe just disabled who really knows, the evil from my computer.  I did manage to can 16 quarts of Chablis grapes during the process.  Bubbles has not liked that I had to spend so much time at the computer, was very mad at her momma when she snuck out without her knowing.  Poppie even brought them home fast food for lunch, well they liked that but not much else. 
I do know, like with anything in my life, that I have learned the hard way about a lot of the goings on on the internet.  I also know my way around the programs in my computer, what belongs and what does not, so the day was not all wasted.  I did have a million other things to do but I guess I was supposed to fix my computer. I didn't get to go to book club, and that saddens me and now I have syrup to finish, jars to take out of the water bath and a 22 month old who needs a bath so she can have her costume on when her momma comes to pick her up, and her sister too.

I pray that your day was a fruitful as mine, I would wish that my fruitfulness was in soul winning but maybe the Lord wanted me to work on something else today.  I hope that some one lead you closer to the Lord today or maybe you lead someone closer to the Lord, wouldn't that be glorious?  prayers to one and all....tomorrow.

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