Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bountiful Baskets Day, Poppie made me "garbage" and the pressure tank died and we are awaiting a new one to arrive.

Today was BBFC day, we had a great distribution, all went like clock work, lovely baskets and great volunteers.  The Ladies helped out with cleaning baskets and set up, they also help people out with their bounty.  I think Yogie liked it as much as Booboo does, Booboo has been going so it an old pro by now.  We stopped at the store on the way home and picked up a Brussels sprout tree, I have seen them grow but never thought they would sell them on the stem, too funny.  I got some shoulder cream for my left shoulder.  My dad has had his left shoulder rotator cup fixed and the right was to bad to have fixed.  I now understand why he can lift anything below his shoulders but can't even raise his hand above his head.  I am struggling to raise mine without pain, I read that if I am careful with it it will mend.  I should be careful with it until I can lift my hand above my head or sleep on my shoulder with no pain.  Hot and cold is good and I am hoping the rub cream will help.  Done whining and going on. 

Poppie has finely made, or started to make, my pot rack.  It is made out of an antique rusted child's hospital bed frame.  One old board with chipped paint from a 1954 Chevy pick up, that set in a field so many year a 18 foot tree grew through the frame where the motor was to go. (the board from the side rail will be my chandelier for about my kitchen table Poppie will make it next)  It is a truly lovely work of art, Poppie is going to add three antique jars, and make pendent lights, from it.  We are waiting on the repro two strand cotton covered wire to finish the lights.  I so wanted to get blue but know that the blue would look modern on the piece and ruin the effect of it being old out of authentic piece, so we went with the black for authenticity. The Ladies, Belle and I think it is beautiful, Poppie says it was made our of garbage and this is, how said he can not see the beautiful in his creation, we can and that is the important part.   I will post photos when they are done.

Our pressure tank on our well died this week, I ordered a new one that will come to the house, it was faster for it to come to the house than to order it to the store.  Poppie is going to leave the old one on for more water holding.  Luckily the well still works the water is a little cloudy and the pump runs more but we are not stranded without water.  Poppie is working on my hutch today and we might get to burn this after noon, so autumn cleaning will be done soon. 

I pray for your life in Christ and hope that it is all that you with God can make it.  I hope the Grace of God abounds in your life.  I sorrow for those of you who have not heard of the Gospel or more for those who have heard and have hardened your heart to the Word of God.  I pray for one and all.... tomorrow.

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