Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Does your life Glorify the Lord? Do you even think of your life in that way? Should you?

I have said that I have asked the the Holy Spirit to help with my life long struggle with weight.  On that vain I was recently down loading free e-books, okay so I am cheap but then I never said I wasn't, but anyway I down loaded a book called The flowers on the wall diet Bible study.  I wonder about the name mostly so I down loaded it to see what it was about.  The Holy Spirit does guide our life, truly he does if we but allow him to do so.  I started reading it and thought it was a good book with thoughts that I could really find guidance in.  I thought I would see how much a physical book would cost me, along the way I ran into more books written in the same manner.  I was reading along in the genre when I found that one of the books had a free on line course that you could take, which gave you a mentor and accountability.  I have said before I will never diet again and what appeals to me about all of these book is that they have nothing really to do with dieting so much as they have to do with Bible study.  They teach how to seek God Word on issues of weight and implement them into your life.  To listen to your body, a body God created to be perfectly capable of knowing when it was hunger, what it needs and how to be the best it can be to glorify the Lord.  I'm really excited to see where the course goes and where it leads and what it brings to light for me in the Lords word.  The course I am "taking" is called the Lord's Table, all free and I think the Holy Spirit lead me to it to give me help toward my goal of Glorifying the Lord in my body, not for my glory but his do I want to loose weight, how can I do what he has planned for me in this life if I am not in the body he planned for me to do it in.  Being in the body he wants for me is only one step in a life meant to glorify God, it is only one step.  We all have steps we can take.  Do you ever think before you make a decision "will this glorify God?"  Is my actions a glorification of God?  We really need to start thinking about all we do in the manner....

The first verse, and the reoccurring verse, that is repeated over and over in the study is,

1 Corinthians 10:31

King James Version (KJV)
31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Just think of what this verse really says.  Read it, memorize it and live it, it holds the whole of lives plan for you from God.  I am truly excited to be on my new journey with the Lords guidance.  Really shouldn't we all strive to live a life that Glorifies God??

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, you can chose to live it the way you have always done or you could start living your life to glorify God.  What a way to think about the rest of your life.  The first step of a life dedicated to living for the glory of God is salvation.  You can not glorify God if you do not believe him.  He gave his only begotten son that we might believe on him and have eternal life.  Salvation and glorification can be your new life and it can start today, take a step toward God it is the way to start a journey of unimaginable grace... tomorrow. 

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