Thursday, November 21, 2013

Do you ever look down the long road of life and just wonder why some things are?

I think on mornings I wake up with pain that won't go away even after time and ibuprofen have tried to work their magic, and didn't, I tend to become introspective just to manage to smile and put one foot in front of the other.  Today of all days I do not have time for this.  I have had the littles since quarter of 7 and they need things that someone who wants to stay in bed grumbles to have to do but I do it anyway, it is usually easier to fill the cuppie than to listen to the never ending request for it.  Cooking the eggs is better than listen to the whines of a hungry child.  I am lazy that way, doing it the first time in most cases is the easiest way to survive.  Just watch water rolling down hill sometime, if it encounters a stick it just keeps pushing and pushing until the stick get out of the way so it best to just let it flow.  Littles rarely care if you hurt they can't feel it and just want you to see things their way or maybe just as they need.  I do thank the entertainment of TV sometimes, though I still want it to be something that teaches so "no, they can not watch this or that, just what Nannie actually allows" after all I have not lost my mind the pain just makes me whine not go crazy.

I do so wish that like so many of my friends that my "friend" of 40+ years would go away and never come back, well to be honest she is trying to leave and never come back but something in me just won't let her go, I wish I could figure out what and make it stop asking her back.  She has tried repeatedly in the 18 months to go, and not return; but now she is just mean and pain full and doesn't really come by she just phones in the pain.  A friend of mine, who I might note is 5+ years younger than me, asked me about my friend because my dear Mokie told her I was going through a lot of what she is.  I told her which symptoms I had and told her that my mother enjoyed her friend until she was about 54, to which she replied she didn't think it was enjoying, (you think) and I full think I will not get rid of my friend tell then either but I do hope I am wrong. I thought that her final far well coinciding with my 53 birthday could be my present for the whole rest of  my life, but no.  Well she really hasn't come to visit but she is making painful grumbles about my inhospitable thoughts.  So today I am in pain, and can't make it stop, have been for a couple days, but the ibuprofen usually eventually works, well if I add chocolate it seems to work better so I am going to go raid the chocolate chip canister.  I do thank the Lord that I had my friend's visits until the girls were well and truly old enough to understand her visits but since they will soon have their own friends to come visit I think I should get a reprieve.  Well alas I will close, the chocolate is really calling and sitting in one place long enough to type this is worse than just walking around and suffering.

I pray for your salvation and your life in Christ.  I pray that you seek yours or if you already have I am gloriously happy that you are a saved loved member of Christ's family...... tomorrow.

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