Monday, November 25, 2013

Lamps, Lamps and more lamps...... mason lamps and lamps with defusiers, Poppie is the master.

I answered a game on Facebook this week, it was a game to share something most people would not know about you.  My #7 was that I know more about, and doing, random nothings than most people I know.  Most anyone who knows be would affirmative that.  I really am a jack of numerous trades and a master of none, well maybe one or two.  Poppie is and always has been one of the most mechanically minded people I know.  He can be given a machine to run and master it in a couple three weeks.  He can also put together almost anything, as long as he took it apart himself.  I have recently asked him to make me some mason jar lamps but we had decided that if he is going to do it he is going to do it as accurate to the time frame of the jar as possible.  I have bought him various old lamp parts from various era's from the 1930 forward.  Some are knob and tube and some are vintage 80's parts.  He hasn't actually began to make any lamps for me as he is working on my hanging kitchen "garbage" as he calls it.  I call it a beautifully lit pot hanger.  It is made from an antique child's bed frame, an old board used on a `1954 truck, more than likely from the 50's, it has lovely old chipped paint and is wondrous.  IE, Garbage to Poppie but he loves me and will put together anything I think up, I am truly blessed.

Several years ago I purchased two lamps from WIT, Kelly sold them to me because she knew we had a kindred spirit for seeing old things fixed up so they could once again fulfill their destiny.  I got the lamps home and one didn't work, so we used the one and put the other up for someday.  Well last week was someday.  Poppie checked it out and it just needed a part that I found on eBay.  I also had to find a defusier for it, eBay again. I do still have to find a second defusier because when it got here it fit another old lamp I had had since Baby Sister had given it to me many years ago.  Poppie had plugged it in at the time but it didn't work and he didn't have time to play with it.  He brought it out a couple days ago, I had forgotten all about it.  It is a beautiful lamp (all of them are floor lamps) with a clock (that didn't work), a defusier mogel light and then three chandelier arms with a small light in the bottom that uplights (a true beauty and probably a very special light when new).  He played with it a few minutes and the lights soon all worked, but the clock kind of scared him.  Baby Sisters Hubs had played with it but never got it to work and he is a working electrical man.  Poppie decided he might look today but since Hubs hadn't got it to work he didn't hold out much hope.  He opened it up, knowing that if it had a motor and the motor didn't work we were out of luck.  It had a motor, but it seemed to spin, it also had a wire that was unhooked with old black tape on it, so either Hubs didn't look at it or he missed the broken wire.  Poppie rewired it and I have a 1930, or maybe 20's, clock floor lamp ticking away the time in my front room (an accurate I might add), with the defused light shining down on it, we will up light it later.  I love a man that even amazes himself........ I truly am a blessed woman, and he loves me, yes me.

I pray that you are living for the glory of God.  Nothing in this world is more important or more special and fulfilling.  Your life can't not compare to the life you can have with the Lord in it.  Today he could become part of your life, believe, repent and ask God's forgiveness and you too can have your salvation.... tomorrow.

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